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Choosing the right auto insurance is as important as buying your dream car. There are a number of auto insurance providers present there in the market, hence, it often becomes a difficult task to decide on the best policy. However to emerge as a winner in the maze of auto insurance policies, you need to choose the best auto insurance company providing you the right insurance for your car. For this, you should be adept with our checklist - things to know when buying auto insurance from a company.

  • You can either choose from a third party liability insurance or a comprehensive plan. If your finances permit, it is always better to go for a comprehensive coverage. This is the best level car insurance that will provide you maximum coverage in the event of an accident. Though it is going to cost you a bit more, when need arises, you might be extremely grateful that you have it!
  • You may opt for voluntary deductibles to lower your monthly/annual premium costs. For example, if you settle petty scratches and dents with some amount from your own pocket, the premium cost may come down by as much as thirty percent!
  • Nominate drivers carefully. If you have named yourself only while your spouse takes out the car and does some severe damage to it, you might not get the claim.
  • Ask for no-claim benefits from your insurance provider. For some insurance providers, they credit it as reward points or perk the customer by lowering the premium in the following year.
  • Don’t let the insurance agent baffle and cross-sell you a totally different policy in a last minute hurry. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) might need higher premium payouts as they are prone to more wear and tear. These may not apply to your car.
  • Quote correct annual mileage estimates as insurance rates are dependent on the number of miles you are driving. If you have quoted a different number while you find out that you are driving much less, inform your insurance provider immediately so that they can make the necessary changes.
  • Last but not the least, read the terms and conditions carefully before buying your auto insurance.
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