California Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance is done to protect some portion of the cost that one incur for dental care and cure. There are various types of insurance plans available at individual, family or group level where one can get a dental cover and insurance. One can add to his family members to protect the expenses incurred on the dental treatments.

How Does California Dental Insurance Work

Dental Insurance in California works in two ways. In the first case the patient has to pay advance premiums to avail the dental treatment services and at the time of using the services he need not to pay anything. It can be a cashless facility. In the second case the user does not pay premiums or very less premiums in advance and directly bear all the treatment expenses. He then claims for the reimbursement with bills and other relevant documents and the insurer remits the fund after analysis and approvals.

In California many insurance plans are being offered which are listed as below:

  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) Plans
  • Indemnity Plans
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan
  • Prepaid plans
  • HMO Dental Plan
  • Fee for Service Plan
  • Managed care Plan
  • Smile Saver Dental and Vision  Plan

Dental Health Maintenance Organization : DHMO is also called capitation plans. In such plans the insurers has a pool of dentists on the board and pay them on monthly or quarterly basis. They pay for individuals or families irrespective of the utilization of the cover. Dentists give predefined consultation and medication without any charges.

Indemnity Dental Insurance Plan : Here the insurance provider covers all the expenses after receiving the bill.Meaning first one has to pay all the bills up front and later on he can claim for the reimbursement. In such type of plans so much paper work is involved and sometimes claims procedure becomes exhaustive.

HMO Dental Plan : It provides a strong panel of skilled dental consultants. A Fix copayment option is also available here with some services and treatments.Cutomers can add kids and adults both with very less cost involved .There is no upper limit in the claims and one can use the services in full year with assured benefits.

Fee for Service Plan : In this category of dental insurance plan the contract is done in such a manner that the patient has both the option of paying the bills. Claims can be processed after the presentation of the bills to the insurer or they are paid directly to the dentists or hospitals by the service provider. Whenever one requires medical assistance he can choose any consultant to take the treatment.

Managed-Care Plans : In these types of plan service providers usually have a network of dental care providers.  In such plans the customers have greater choice of hospitals, dentists and claim processes are simple and cashless sometimes. Here the service provider takes care of all the management and claims process to make the patient’s life hassle free.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan : Customer can choose from various participating provider network plans and can use the network of the dentists. It also gives the benefit to use the services of non network service provider, hospital and dental clinics. The difference in the expenditure is borne by the patient or as per the agreement.

Discount Plans : These plans offer dental services at discounted rates from the hospitals and dentists by paying monthly, quarterly or annual charges. Customer must visit the participating dentist only to get that discount in fees. Here the claim process becomes almost nil as most of the bills are paid in advance except severe and chronic cases.

Prepaid Plans : In such plan the patient chooses any dentist to take all the consultation and medicine related help by paying a certain sum in advance while signing the policy. If the patient needs some specialist, his dentist only refers to other doctors and surgeons.

Smile Saver Dental and Vision Plan : This plan is also offered by a lot of service providers. Membership fees are very low with all the benefits. Students and others can receive dental claims and coverage very fast. One can get any amount of claim form this. Regular checkups and cleaning are almost free with several orthodontists.

Below are some of Dental Insurance Policies and Providers in California

Aetna Dental

  • True Advantage

American National

  • Confident Smile
  • Perfect Smile

Careington International

  • Plan 500
  • Plan 500 Multi Care
  • Plan 500 Total Care


  • Plan C550

Delta Dental Insurance Co.

  • Dental for Everyone
  • Dental for Everyone Gold
  • Dental for Everyone Gold PPO
  • Dental for Everyone Gold PPO/Vision
  • Dental for Everyone PPO

Dental Health Services

  • Smartsmile CA
  • Smartsmile WA
  • Super Smartsmile CA
  • Super Smartsmile WA


  • Preventive Plus PPO

Nationwide Life Insurance Co.

  • Classic 1500
  • Classic 2000
  • Classic Select 2000
  • PPO Advantage

Patriot Health Inc.

  • Gold Plan
  • Gold Plan 15

Primecare Dental

  • Primecare Dental Plan
  • Welcome Plan

Safeguard Dental

  • Classic Choice
  • Premiere Choice

Security Life Insurance Company

  • Option 40
  • Option 42
  • Option 45

Stonebridge (Encore Dental)

  • Plan A
  • Plan B

Symetra Life Insurance Company

  • Preferred 42
  • Preferred 45

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