Boat Insurance Guides

For some boat owners, owning a boat is the ultimate luxury but for others it’s a bare necessity and probably a means of livelihood. Whatever the purpose of your boat, you will be better off with a boat insurance policy.

Be Patient: Do not buy insurance immediately. Even if you have a trusted source, the company may not have adequate experience in boat insurance.

Choose the Type: Decide on what type of boat insurance you want. There are two basic types – Actual Cash Value and Agreed Amount Cash Value policies.

Coverage Details: Decide exactly what you would like to have covered, since several options exist at this point. You can be covered for physical damage, your personal effects can be covered and then there is coverage which is required by law.

Special Coverage: You can also get additional coverage for towing, salvage, and spillage and so on.

Budget Factor: Once you have shopped around a bit, you will be in a position to make a rough estimate of the financial involvement of your boat insurance. Now you just need to choose an insurer who will cover you satisfactorily within your budget.

Boat Insurance Providers

  • Yacht and Crew Insurance, Inc.
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Florida's Choice Insurance
  • Meadows of Dan Insurance
  • Nboa Marine Insurance
  • Delaplane Insurance Agency
  • C & L Insurance Inc
  • A & G Insurance and Investment
  • Bangor Insurance Group
  • A Plus Naples Discount Insurance Agency

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