Boat Insurance Claim Problems

A boat owner with boat insurance must be aware of all the possible boat insurance claim problems to ensure he or she makes the most of his or her policy. If your boat were in an accident, the knowledge of these problems would help you take the right steps in getting your claim approved.

When you submit a claim for boat accident, the insurance provider will evaluate all the documents and the circumstances carefully and decide whether to compensate you or not. If there are any boat insurance claim problems, then the insurer is free of the liability to pay your claim.

Here are few of the boat insurance claim problems.

Rules and Regulations

The first thing that the insurer will verify is whether you followed all the laws pertaining to operating your boat. If it is found you were intoxicated or were under alcohol or drug influence while the incident happened, most companies will deny any liability for the injuries or damages resulting from such an accident. They might out rightly reject your claim.

Type of Boat Coverage

The type of boat coverage you have bought also matters when you make a claim. To claim for a fishing boat incident, you need to possess fishing boat coverage. If you have a ski boat policy, it will not cover a fishing boat incident. Therefore, you need to ensure that your policy covers the activity you are going to be involved in with your vessel to be covered for any incident that happens in the process.


If the accident happened due to a cause considered under the policy exclusions, then your claim would be denied. It would also be rejected if the boat owner created the damage or incident. Depending on the policy terms, the company may or may not pay for the damages that could have been avoided by regular maintenance.

The coverage details and claims processing differ from one company to another. In general, to avoid most boat insurance claim problems you must first spend time in understanding your policy completely. Maintain your vessel and follow all the rules and regulations and the usage guidelines. You have to report the incident and file your claim as soon as possible. Make sure you have documentation for all the steps – the cause, evidence, repairs and the like. Every single evidence and step matters, so take professional help in taking the right steps.

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