Automobile Insurance Quotes

There was a time when owning a car meant that one was wealthy.  Today, though expensive, cars are owned even by the common man due to the easy availability of car finance.  The unsuitability of public transport, the rise in population and the long distances to be traveled for work has made owning a car necessary.  If not every person, at least every middle class household has its own car.

You may purchase a car using easy finance options.  But you still have to spend on fuel; and there is another expense which cannot be neglected – automobile insurance.  Once you have bought a car, you have to include automobile insurance premium in your budget.  Based on the coverage you will need and other factors, you can get automobile insurance quotes from various car insurance companies.

Automobile Insurance Quotes

You can ask your insurance agent to provide you automobile insurance quotes.  However, most automobile owners prefer to get online automobile insurance quotes.  There are web sites devoted to automobile insurance where you are asked to fill a ‘no obligation’ application.  Once you do that, you will immediately get automobile insurance quotes for policies of various insurance companies.
The quote will depend on the data fed by you in the application. 

Factors Which Will Determine Automobile Insurance Quotes

  • Location: The location or place of the car owner plays a major role in determining automobile insurance quotes.  There are different insurance premium rates for cities, suburbs and rural areas.  The premium quoted will be highest if the car owner lives in a city as the chances of accidents are higher there.
  • Personal Details of Owner:
  • Age: For getting automobile insurance quotes, the car owner has to provide information about his age.  Young people are often reckless drivers and so may be charged a higher premium.  Older drivers are more likely to cause accidents and so people aged above 65 also pay a high insurance premium.
  • Gender: It was considered that female drivers are more careful and so they used to be charged low premium.  But this is changing now and automobile insurance quotes for both men and women are almost the same.
  • Marital Status: It is statistical proven that married young men cause fewer accidents and they are hence charged a lower premium.
  • Usage: Automobile insurance premium is higher for cars which are used for business purposes and for commuting to work.  Frequent interstate travel also invites a premium surcharge.
  • Number and Types of Cars: A person owning multiple cars may be given discounted automobile insurance quotes.  This is because he will be using only one car at a time.  The year, make and model of the car also determine the insurance premium.  An old car is charged low premium and an expensive car which will cost a lot to repair may be charged a higher premium.
  • Owner’s Driving Record: A person who has never caused accidents and has a clean driving record will be quoted a lower premium.  On the other hand, people who have been convicted for traffic violations, drunken driving and so on will be charged higher premium.
  • Coverage: The kind of automobile insurance coverage you wish to take will also determine the automobile insurance quotes given to you.  The coverage will depend on legal requirements and also the kind of risks you would want the policy to cover.

You may be happy that you are getting free automobile insurance quotes, but the premium quoted may be beyond your budget.  There are also chances that a company may promise a particular kind of coverage but may not fulfill its obligation when you file a claim.

However, using the internet is a convenient way of getting automobile insurance quotes from various companies.  If you want personal service though, you should get insurance quotes from your agent, study them, after which you can decide on the most suitable insurance policy.

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