Adventure Travel Insurance in US

Travel Insurance is a necessity these days for all kinds of travelers be it students going for a study tour or for pursuing higher studies, businessmen going on a business trip or families going for holidaying or for meeting family and friends. It is more important for adventure enthusiasts who love living life on the edge by indulging in dangerous activities like scuba diving, parasailing, paragliding, mountaineering, cycling, skiing, mountain biking etc.

Normally, not many general insurance policies cover adventure sports within its ambit; so, the adventure enthusiasts have to buy Adventure Travel insurance to be safe while indulging in their favorite sports. Adventure Travel insurance benefits the insured by covering expenditure on all the injuries incurred while undergoing the adventurous and dangerous activities, giving them peace of mind. It also covers loss, damage or theft of the sports equipment.

Most Adventure travel operators ensure that the people undertaking adventurous activities have insurance to cover their injuries or any other loss during their expedition. Most adventure travel companies customize the insurance depending on the adventure sports or activity an insured wants to undertake and his needs.

Adventure Travel Insurance is generally divided into different categories based on the risk involved in the activity. While mountain biking and skiing are put in a lower hazard category, adventure sports like skydiving and hang gliding are considered more risky. The cost of the Adventure travel insurance depends on the risk factor involved in the particular activity – the higher the risk, the higher the cost.

Adventure Travel insurance provides the following features to all kinds of adventurous sports and activities:

  1. Medical Expenditure: Adventure Travel Insurance covers all the expenditure incurred in treating the injuries incurred while undertaking the adventurous sports. It also includes cost of transportation to the city where he can get specialized treatment for his injuries, if the need arises.

  2. Disability Benefit: Adventure Travel Insurance will not only cover the expenditure incurred on treating the injuries but also provide compensation to the insured if he gets disabled after participating in the adventurous activity.

  3. Legal Expenditure: Adventure Travel Insurance also covers legal expenditure in case you injure another person while indulging in the adventurous activity.

  4. Postponement/Cancellation of the trip: Adventure Travel Insurance also covers the loss incurred due to the last-minute postponement/cancellation of the trip due to an unforeseen circumstance.

  5. Flight Delays: Adventure Travel Insurance will also cover the loss incurred due to missed flight or flight delays. If the insured misses his flight due to an unforeseen circumstance, the insurance company will arrange for the alternative flight.

  6. Lost or stolen Baggage: Adventure Travel insurance will also cover the losses incurred due to theft, damage or stolen baggage, including personal documents like passport, visas etc.

Adventure Travel Insurance also covers theft, damage or loss of sports equipment like bikes, skiing boards etc.Adventure Travel insurance will help the adventure sports enthusiast in indulging in their favorite sports with a peace of mind, because they know that all the expenditures will be covered even if they get injured during the trip.