Fitness For Women After 40 Ages

  • It has been seen that more than 60 percent of women don't get the adequate amount of physical activity and as a matter of fact one in four women aren't physically active at all.
  • Researches portray that it is doubtful whether people between the age of 30years to 40years after menopause generally remain physically fit but they struggle to remain active through medicines.
  • Women after reaching the age of 40years frequently seek the advices of the physicians to remain healthy and active and sometimes do light exercises also.

Complication that occurs:

    1. Breast Cancer
    2. Cervical cancer
    3. Colorectal cancer
    4. Skin cancer
    5. Heart disease (which includes Cholesterol imbalance, Blood Pressure imbalance etc )
    6. Glaucoma
    7. Obesity
    8. Decrease in bone mineral density and muscle mass which may lead to osteoporosis.
    9. Thyroid hormone imbalance (all three T3, T4 and TSH) and others
    10. Amongst all these the most common are Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis

Breast Cancer:

  • Generally, throughout the world, breast cancer is treated as the fifth familiar reason of deaths through cancer followed by stomach cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer etc.
  • In 2005, 502,000 people died for breast cancer (7% of cancerous deaths and almost 1% of all deaths) worldwide.
  • Among women, worldwide, breast cancer is the main cause of cancerous death.
  • The number of cases worldwide has significantly increased since the 1970s; an observable fact is due to the modern lifestyles in the Westernization of the world. Since the breast is composed of similar types of tissues in males and females, thus breast cancer also occurs in males, though it is very less.


  • Osteoporosis is a disease which makes the bone fragile and increases the risk of fractures.
  • In osteoporosis the bone material density (BMD) becomes less, micro architecture in the bone is destroyed, and the variety and amount of non-collagenous proteins in bone is changed.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) defines Osteoporosis in women as a disease where bone mineral density gets reduced by 2.5 from the peak bone mass (20-year-old sex-matched healthy person average) as calculated through DXA (Dual energy X-ray absorptimetry).
  • The term "established osteoporosis" means the occurrence of a weakness which may lead to fractures.
  • Osteoporosis generally occur after the menopause in women is also termed as post-menopausal osteoporosis, but it may also develop in men and pre-menopausal women in the incidence of particular hormonal imbalance and other chronic diseases or else as an effect of smoking and medications, like glucocorticoids. The disease when occurs doe to glucocorticoids is termed as steroid- or glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis (SIOP or GIOP).

Effect of exercises:

Reaserches depicts that exercises in women abridged all reasons of death in postmenopausal stage. Exercise also benefits in the following ways:

  • Blood pressure and cholesterol level is abridged due to regular exerciseand thus proper chloestrol levels in minatined and it also leisuresthe heart rate which facilitates to perform work more competently.
  • Reserches have been discovered that the syndromes of menopause including the ubiquitous hot flashes are less rigorous in physically active women.
  • Physical activity also reduces the risk of colon cancer, kidney stones, surgery of stones in gall bladder and biventricular disease.
  • The risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer is reduced due to exercises.
  • Exercise can also make people emotionally strong. It helps people to fall asleep sooner and sleep for deeper and longer and thus through it depression is relieved.
  • So being fit and over 40 is like the cascade of youth.
  • We all know that exercise is the best medicine for us, but the hard fact for a lot of people is actually getting into that frame of mind and doing some types of exercise program.
  • We can come up with all the excuses in the world why not to do exercises but the fact remains same.
  • That following some sort of exercise program as we age can slow down the processes of being sick and allow us to live longer and healthier lives