What is the Definition for Osteoporosis, Etiology and Origin of Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis by definition means a disease of the bone that cause fractures and fragility of the bones. In this condition, the mineral density of the bone is affected and the architecture skewed, causing an imbalance in the amount of protein contained in the bones. Etiology: Osteoporosis literally means porous bones. Osteo means ‘bone’ and porosis means ‘porous’. and localized. They are further characterized into primary and secondary based on the information of its origin. According to etiology, osteoporosis is of 2 main types: generalized


Osteoporosis is caused due to depletion of bone in the body. The term originated from Greek roots and means porosity of the bones. The main reason for the condition is lack of calcium. This can be due to vitamin D deficiency to any underlying medical condition that interferes with calcium production, absorption or process of bone formation. Many times it is age related and/or hormonal imbalances.