What Does Osteoporosis Stem From and Why Does it Occur

Osteoporosis stems from the depletion of bone tissue in the body. This can be caused by calcium deficiency due to lack of calcium absorption mechanisms in the body. It may also be the result of not enough bone formed in the body in comparison to that lost. Other main reasons for osteoporosis are: age, hormonal imbalance, gender and hereditary. These can be called intrinsic factors on which we do not have much of a control. However, there may be certain extrinsic factors that can bring on osteoporosis even in those not technically prone to it. They are lifestyle related and include: low physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption above normal limits and taking steroids and glucocorticoids without proper medical guidance or supervision. The intrinsic factors cannot be controlled easily but the extrinsic factors are completely under ones control. A healthy lifestyle can go a long way in preventing osteoporosis.