Wet Mount Vaginitis Test

The Wet mount Vaginitis test is done to identify any infection (Parasitic, bacterial or fungal) in the vaginal region in case vaginal irritation or unusual discharges are noticed. The Wet mount Vaginitis test may also be called the ‘wet preparation’.

Why is the Test Done?

The wet mount Vaginitis test may be recommended by a gynecologist or a physician if vaginal irritation or discharges persist.

How to Do Wet Mount Vaginitis Test?

To undergo a Wet mount Vaginitis test, patients are required to avoid douching up to twenty four hours prior to the testing.

During the test, the patient is first made to lie on their back and their feet are held in place using stirrups. The medical examiner checks the pelvic areas for any infection and then opens up the vagina with an instrument called the speculum. The speculum which is slightly opened helps the vagina to be kept open and also aids the examiner to observe inside it.

The vaginal discharges are collected from the patient by using a moist and sterile cotton swab which is inserted into the vagina. The sample thus collected is then transferred to a slide to carry out microscopic examination and the speculum is removed. Just a little bit of sample may be enough to prepare a slide for testing. The microscopic examination of the sample is done so as to observe for any unusual number or type of microorganism in the sample which might be causing these difficulties.

The patient might feel a bit uncomfortable while the speculum is inserted into the vaginal region and during pelvic examination. Besides this there will be no other complications or risks associated with the vaginitis test.


When there is no microbial infection in the vagina, the slide may be clear of any new microorganism except the strains of bacteria normally found in the vagina, and that too the normal stains will be within the normal number or count. So a flawless slide shows the absence of any sort of infection in the region.

The appearance of any abnormal bacteria, yeast or parasite in the slide might be due to the colonization and infection of the vaginal region by these microorganism or the overgrowth of any of the normal vaginal flora.

Sometimes a contaminated slide or test not carried under aseptic condition might also give an abnormal result, so the collection of the sample and the microscopic examination should always be carried out under the proper conditions and in an aseptic environment.

Why is Abnormal Result Obtained?

Getting an abnormal result during Wet mount Vaginitis test means that there is an infection in the vagina and the usual infection may be because any of the ones stated below:

Bacterial Vaginosis:

This is a Bacterial infection in the vagina caused by the overgrowth of the bacteria that normally resides in the vagina. In this condition the vagina produces a heavy and opaque fishy smelling discharge or odor after an intercourse. Bacterial vaginitis may also be associated with rashes and pain during a sexual intercourse.


This is a sexually transmitted disease caused by T vaginalis which spreads by having intercourse with an infected partner. The disease is associated with greenish or frothy vaginal discharge and odor in the vagina. This condition can also result in itchiness in the inner thighs and in the vulvar regions and pain during intercourse.

Vaginal Yeast Infection:

Candida albicans is the most common fungus that infects the vagina. Candida albicans is a fungus that normally resides in the vagina and it may sometimes overgrow in number resulting in an infection of the vagina.