Water Retention

Water retention is a medical ailment that occurs due to retention of water in the body parts such as extremities and around the abdomen. In this, water accumulates in the circulatory system or in the tissues or cavities of the body parts.

Retention is visible in the form of swelling or tenderness on and around the body part it is affecting. One could hear the sound of water filled in the abdomen during this ailment’s inhibition period. Results could be very serious, if the condition is not diagnosed in its early phase.

One should immediately consult for medical attention, if he detects retention of water in the body parts persisting for more than one week. Urgent care is required if the affected part causes pain or any type of uncomfort, mainly in the legs and ankles. Pregnant woman who is facing any of the symptoms of water retention should immediately call her doctor for treatment.

Causes of water retention:

  • In medical terms, water retention occurs due to changes in the pressure inside the capillaries or changes in the capillary walls that makes is leaky. If the pressure retains for long time and causes leakage in capillaries, then fluid inside the capillaries come out into the tissues spaces between the cells. In some conditions, fluid released outside is not taken back by the capillaries and gets accumulated in the tissues resulting in forming swelling or tenderness over that region. The swelling or water logging caused due to accumulation of water are symptoms of water retention.
  • In women, water retention is mainly caused due to abnormal release of hormones during menstrual cycle. The hormone released forces kidney to accumulate water in it, in place of flushing it out.
  • In heart the water retention is caused due to abnormal changes in the pressure inside it. Pressure in heart changes due to the pumping force it carries for the functioning. If the pressure required in not fulfilled, then water starts accumulating in the legs, feet, ankles, and in some cases lungs also. The condition might results into causing breathing problem and additional stress on the heart.
  • Water retention in kidneys is due to its inability to filter fluid out of the blood and flushing it out in the form of urine. The condition on whole is described as kidney failure. It could occur due to attack of some virus, influenza, or disease. The water retention occurring due to kidney failure is seen mainly in legs and ankles.
  • Protein deficiency in the body could result in causing water retention. Proteins play an important role in maintaining water balance of the body because of their ability of attracting water inside. In case a person is protein deficient, the blood in the capillaries will not be able to attract water from the tissues spaces and thus results in the accumulation of water in the tissue spaces.
  • Thyroid problem is an influential cause behind water retention.

Treatment of water retention:

Treatment is given on the basis of symptoms and medical history of the affected person.

  • In normal cases, one should reduce salt intake and should increase the consumption of fruits like bananas that are rich in potassium. Cranberry juice, a major source of diuretics, helps in flushing out accumulated water from the body.
  • If the water is accumulated in the feet, then elevating the limbs can promote the healthy circulation of blood and will help in reducing retention of water from that region.
  • One should avoid wearing tight cloths and jewelry to promote healthy circulation of the blood.
  • Some exercises are there to help in promoting healthy circulation of the blood.
  • If water retention is due to some medical problem, then proper tests and treatments should be followed to deal with the root cause of it.
  • Intake of high protein diet helps in promoting healthy circulation of blood in the body.