Vitamin 'E' Benefits

Vitamin E, scientifically known as tocopherol, is a type of fat-soluble vitamin that acts as an essential nutrient in the human body. Vitamin E in its role as a potent antioxidant protects fat-soluble parts and cellular membranes from damage.

Deficiency of Vitamin E causes peripheral neuropathy in the body. The condition can be categorized as the degeneration of axons in the sensory neurons. Normally, deficiency of vitamin E occurs due to one or two medical ailments in the body, like genetic defects, fat malaabsorption syndromes, hepatobiliarypancreatic, and intestinal disorders including cystic fibrosis, primary biliary cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, short bowel syndromes, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, blind loop syndrome, mesenteric vascular thrombosis, intestinal pseudo-obstruction, intestinal lymphangiectasia, and many more like them.

Benefits of Vitamin E:

It is a proven fact that the regular intake of certain amount of vitamin E prevents us from many medical ailments and provides beneficial nutrient to our body. Some of the vitamin E benefits are listed below:

  • Regular intake of vitamin E helps in fighting against many cardiovascular diseases and some specific cancer forms (breast cancer and prostrate cancer) because it increases the immuno-enhancing effects in the body.
  • People who are suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma and rheumatoid arthertis should take vitamin E regularly because the intake of this fat-soluble vitamins helps in protecting the body against air pollution and other toxins that are mixed in atmospheric composition.
  • Vitamin E provides neuropathic benefits; hence it is good for people suffering from neurological disorders like Alzhemier’s disease.
  • High dosages of vitamin E on regular basis are recommended to people who are suffering from cardiac autonomic neuropathy, tardive dyskinesia, Parkinson disease, acute anterior uveitis, and rhumatoid artheritis.
  • Anemic people should increase the amount of Vitamin E intake in their routine in order to protect their body against the deficiency of Vitamin E occuring due to the inhibition of this disorder.
  • Children facing epilepsy should take vitamin E regularly.
  • Normally, old people and young children have weak immune system. So, it is recommended to give them high dosage of vitamin E in order to strengthen their immune system.
  • Women facing extreme pain in menstruation period are advised to take high dosage of Vitamin E to get relief from the pain.
  • Men having low sperm count are advised to take vitamin E regularly.
  • Vitamin E has direct impact on regulating the functions of blood cells, cell division, cell inflammation, and growth of connective tissues.

Above all, Vitamin E plays key role in the well functioning of skin’s cell and tissues.

    • As an antioxidant, Vitamin E is added in the sunscreen lotion, creams and other skin care products to protect skin cells from ultraviolet radiation, pollution, drugs and ill-effecting elements present in the atmosphere. Vitamin E is very good for the skin, if used as a natural alcohol.
    • Vitamin E controls the formation of Vitamin A in the body, hence makes the skin much vibrant and healthy.
    • Vitamin E is very beneficial for protecting skin from aging effects. If applied regularly on the skin, it improves the look of your skin, makes it healthier and protects against forming wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, it helps you in looking younger to your age.
    • Vitamin E is like a gift for sunburn treatment. Regular application of Vitamin E helps in recovering from sun burns quickly.
    • Vitamin E is good for treating skin diseases like psoriasis and erythema.
    • High dosage of Vitamin E is recommended for people suffering from skin cancer and other highly dangerous skin ailments.
    • In addition, Vitamin E is good in removing burn scars and stretch marks raised after pregnancy.