Vision Care

Vision Care - Eyes are one of the God’s greatest gifts to mankind, which enable you to see the world full of beautiful sights and people. Eyes help in expressing one’s emotions and sentiments when words fail. Various romantic poets all over the world have written realms about beautiful eyes.

Since eyes are one of the most of the most sensitive part of the body, they need extra care and precaution. Proper balance diet and extra care go a long way in keeping your eyes dazzling.

Tips for Vision care:

a) Consume lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Vitamin A-rich carrots, which contain beta carotene, are very beneficial for the eyes. Similarly, green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli, containing lutein, are very good for healthy and beautiful eyes. Fruits like oranges, apples and pears also make your eyes stronger and healthier. Also, drink lots of milk as it contains many important nutrients and vitamins

b) Get your eye check-ups done regularly; say once in two to three years, even if you are not facing any eye-problems. This would help to treat serious problems like glaucoma better if detected at an initial stage. If you experience any problem in the eyes like burning sensation, frequent headaches, redness in eyes, blurred vision, immediately consult an eye doctor, who will conduct tests on your eyes and recommend the treatment accordingly.

c) Protect your eyes from direct sunlight by wearing ultra-violet sunglasses all the time, be it summer or winter, as they would block the harmful ultra-violet rays which can damage the retina and lead to cataract and macular degeneration.

d) Do not watch too much of television or use too much of computer as it would strain your eyes thereby weakening or even damaging the muscles of the eyes and eye-sight. Also avoid reading in the dim light as it would also cause strain in your eyes. Make sure that there is proper light where you are studying, watching TV or using the computer. If you have been working on the computer or watching the television for long, take a break by going for a walk, especially in the greens, as it would stimulate your eyes.

e) If something has fallen in your eyes, never rub them as it would aggravate the situation and make the eyes red. Instead, wash them with clean water.

f) If you wear contact lenses, limit its use to 12 hours as its regular use could lead to permanent sight damage. Also, properly clean your eyes with water before wearing your lenses and after removing them as it would prevent any kind of irritation in the eyes. Ensure that you keep your contact lenses in its solution after removing them. If you are experiencing irritation in your eyes, avoid wearing the contact lenses and instead wear the eyeglasses.

g) If you are involved in any activity or profession that could damage your eyes like, fireworks manufacturer, make sure that you are wearing eye-protective gear to prevent any harm to your eyes.

h) Some of the recent researches have shown that smoking increases the risk of cataract, macular degeneration and optic nerve damage. So keep a safe distance from cigarettes!.

i) Do regular eye exercises which not only increase circulation but also reduce strain in the eyes. It is advisable to do such exercises in a garden or around plants, especially in the morning, since the greenery would help give a soothing effect to the eyes and remove strain.

It is said that walking barefoot on the green grass in the early hours of morning is also very beneficial as the muscles of the eyes get strengthened.

Some of these eye exercises can be done even if you are sitting in your office. Without moving your face, rotate your eyes first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Then move just eyes up and down and then from right to left. Do these exercises for three minutes each and your eyes will become healthier.

If you are feeling strain in your eyes, you can rub your palms together till they are warm. Close your eyes with the palms but make sure you do not put pressure on them as it would hurt them. Keep the palms on your eyes for one minute or so and then repeat the procedure.

Cover your eyelids with three fingers of each hand lightly for about 5- 10 seconds and then repeat the exercise. This exercise is very good for your eyes if you are experiencing strain or pain in them.

Move your fingers lightly on the eyes in a circular motion for one to two minutes. Repeat the exercise five to six times. You can also put pieces of cucumbers on your eyes to relieve them of any stress or strain as it has cooling effect on your eyes.

Take these steps to maintain and rejuvenate your eyes and enjoy the benefits of vision!.