US Hospitals List

The American Hospital Association (AHA) conducts survey every year on US hospitals to know the type of treatment provided to patient in the Hospitals with specialized staff and equipments. The word hospital stands for "place of hospitality". There are various specialized types of hospitals throughout the world. Mainly in US, there are various hospitals that provide highly specialized services to treat patients with proper care.

Physicians, surgeons and nurses in US hospitals, deliver best quality care and safety for every patient. In the United States of America, more than 50 percent of all urban hospitals are non-profit and thirty to forty percent of hospitals come under profit and public. Most of the urban hospitals in US are often associated with medical schools to provide high quality teaching for students to become a professional in the field of medicine. Usually, public hospitals receive funding from government. In US, hospitals are differentiated based on ownership, services and medical schools with academic affiliations.

In US, there are more than thousand tertiary hospitals which provide high quality services to treat their patients with proper care. Tertiary hospitals contain medical schools, nursing schools to train students to become a professional in the related field. General hospital is the best known and most common type of hospital in US, which deals with emergency cases and many kinds of disease.

Here you can find a list of best and top most hospitals in each state of USA. Each state has various hospitals which provide best quality care for their patients with sophisticated equipments.

List of Hospitals in America