Types Of Cancer

 The term "Cancer" originated from the greek word called carcinos which was discovered by a Greek physician called 'Hippocrates', who is well known as "Father of medicine". Cancer begins in the body when abnormal cells start to reproduce more likely to develop additional genetic alterations that can lead to a tumor.

According to the research, the risk of cancer growth increases from a family history. Cancer usually occurs due to damage in growth control genes. You can reduce the risk of cancer disease by following the below guidelines:

  • Avoid tobacco products and Alcoholism.
  • Consult a doctor for periodic screenings.
  • Take a proper diet that contains high fiber content.
  • Do yoga and exercises regularly.
  • Avoid exposure to radiation.

Here you can find  different types of cancer. You can select the cancer type from below alphabetical list to extract detail information. Each section provides information starting from symptoms, causes, test and procedures, treatment and cost, preventive measures, to side effects.

A-Z Cancer Types

» Adrenal Cancer » Liver Cancer » Thymus Cancer
» Anal Cancer » Meninges Cancer » Skin Cancer
» Acoustic neuroma » Mesothelioma » Spinal Cord Tumor
» Bile Duct Cancer » Nerve Cancer » Salivary Gland Cancer
» Bladder Cancer » Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma » Soft Tissue Sarcoma
» Breast Cancer » Neuroblastoma » Small Intestine Cancer
» Brain Cancer » Oral Cancer » Stomach Cancer
» Bone Cancer » Ovarian Cancer » Thyroid Cancer
» Cervical Cancer » Osteochondroma » Trophoblastic Cancer
» Colorectal Cancer » Parathyroid Cancer » Throat Cancer
» Eye Cancer » Penis Cancer » Tongue Cancer
» Esophagus Cancer » Pituitary Cancer » Tonsil Cancer
» Glucagonoma » Palate Cancer » Testicular Cancer
» Gall Bladder Cancer » Peritoneum Cancer » Ureter Cancer
» Head and Neck Cancer » Pleural Cancer » Uterine Cancer
» Hodgkin's Lymphoma » Prostate Cancer » Vaginal Cancer
» Insulinoma » Pancreatic Cancer  
» Kidney Cancer » Retinoblastoma  
» Kaposi's Sarcoma » Somatostatinoma  
» Lung Cancer