Types Of Addictions


  • Drug addiction is a very common and dangerous disease in the entire world.
  • Three people out of five are suffering from this problem.
  • There are many numbers of activities and substances that a person can become easily addicted to.
  • Addiction is the disease that many people face these days.
  • People who are addicted feel uneasy, uncontrollable and overwhelming need for the drug to which they are addicted to.
  • But you or your loved ones whoever is addicted can come over it.


  • Addiction generally starts with just an experiment.
  • Young children think that when their friends or same age group is having something why they should not do the same; this competition becomes a habit.
  • And after sometime this habit becomes a need.
  • A voluntary choice changes it into a psychological need.
  • Sometimes bad circumstances and depression also leans a person towards this bad habit.
  • After taking addictives, they feel themselves more relaxed and far from their problems.
  • But addiction can only take them towards a worse condition.
  • But it is really good news that addiction is now treatable, be it of any kind. The effect of the addiction can be decreased with the help of proper medication and support.
  • The person can regain his health and control over his life.

Types of Addictions

Some of the common addictions are

  • Alcohol addiction – Having in small amounts occasionally is not bad, but when it turns to alcoholism, it is highly dangerous for health.
  • Smoking - Cigarettes and other things that contain tobacco which has nicotine are bad for health. Continuous or large amount of smoking can make harm in the lungs. It is a very high addictive substance and it is hard to give it up.
  • Drug addiction – It is also highly addictive and hard to give up this habit.
  • Gambling – For enjoyment it is no problem, but when it turns to compulsive activity and the person feels unable to stop himself, it becomes addiction.
  • Some other is addiction towards food, video game playing addiction, internet addiction. People feel uneasy, anxious and upset when they are not able to be online.
  • Sex addiction, shopping are also forms of addiction.
  • Work addiction, in this work turns to obsession; this means that the person is sick or addicted.

Treatment of Addictions

    • Treatment of addiction is now available be it addiction of any kind.
    • There are special medicines, which really help the person to come over it.
    • There are special medical centers all over the world that help addicted person to leave this bad habit.
    • Specialists in the medical centers check the patient and take the whole family history related to addiction.
    • They help the addicted one by recognizing and diagnosing the main problem.
    • They monitor each and every progress in the patient.
    • They keep proper eye on the patient’s improvement.
    • Sometimes, the patient has to stay in these medical centers for few days.
    • It can also be possible that the addicted person has to stay in these centers for a long period of time, but if they are gaining something good then time does not matter.