Tae Yun Kim Skin Care

  • Tae Yun Kim, the Chairwoman and CEO of Can Do Spirit, Inc, is the famous business leader, lecturer, author and television host.
  • The energetic, happy and magnetic attitude of her, with excellent wit and extraordinary liveliness, she has brought forward the Can Do Spirit, Inc., makers of TYK Young. Again, it is treated as the most excellent manufacturer of medical instruments
  • The company under her guidance has some best cosmetic skin cares mainly for women of 35-65 years in age, who desire to recuperate their spirit and revive their beauty.
  • The items are focused on derivatives from wide studies in biogenetic development and anti-aging substances.
  • Most important among the many constituents are specific peptides, which are exclusive messenger proteins that functions straight in those components responsible for youth enhancing action.

The Product Range of Tae Yun Kim Skin Care:

TYK PURITY Absolute Protective Cleansing Gel:

  • Purity is made form the antioxidants, hydrolyzed Betaglucan and D-Glucans.Tocopheryl, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Acetate (Vitamin E), Green Tea (Vitamin C) and Lactic Acid.
  • All these renders efficient cleansing by purity method.

TYK Eye-NRGe Anti Wrinkle Eye Repair Cream

  • Eye-NRGe, (said as "Eye Energy") produces, moisturized, compact and invigorated relief of the banal and exhausted skin.
  • This hygienic, non-greasy and frivolous gel produces the penultimate eye renovating solution and it also works fine on lips.

TYK FACE ME Micro-Abrasion Lift Activator

  • TYK has brought the reveling micro-derma abrasions for in-house use.
  • A soft, elegant and healthy skin with escalated level of collagen and elastin for tender look and feel is delivered.

TYK FACE ME Micro-Abrasion Crystal Vitamin Lift

  • The natural attractiveness is enhanced by Micro-Abrasion Crystals along with Vitamins E; C & A by cleansing the dead skin.
  • It gives elegant, soft and healthy skin with more levels of collagen and elastin for a tender look and feel.

TYK SOLEIL TIEMPO Absolute Solar Moisture Defense SPF 25

  • Soleil Tiempo produces younger look for more time by producing a couple of the most significant components as ageing defenses:
  • Protective shield from the Sun and
  • Oil-free moisture preservation obstacle together

TYK SERENITY Absolute Cooling Hydrating Toner

  • It produces immediate hydration and is mainly good for exhausted, responsive and dry skin.
  • Serenity is the particular solution that moistens tones and soothes the skin.

TYK SOLEIL TIEMPO Absolute Evening Moisture Defense

  • The skin will be tacky, agile and have a baby soft.
  • It shuts the moisture like a plaster and shields the aging by decreasing moisture loss with its implausible oil-free and silky base.

TYK White Glow Absolute Skin Brightener

  • White Glow is being considered to be an all-in-one product to treat bleached skin as a result of extensive exposure of Sun, trauma or as the consequence of ageing.