Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused through sexual intercourse with an infected partner. The person is infected by the Trichomoniasis parasite and the most common infected part of the body is the lower genital tract (for women is the vagina and for men inside of the penis). During intercourse, the parasite is transmitted from a penis to vagina or vice versa.


Most symptoms of Trichomoniasis can only be seen within 5 to 28 days after being infected. Symptoms in women include yellowish, greenish or grayish color vaginal discharge, discomfort during sex, bad vaginal odor, pain while urination and itching near the vagina. In most cases, men do not experience any symptoms. A minority of men may experience white discharge from penis and painful urination and ejaculation. 


Trichomoniasis cannot be diagnosed based on the symptoms alone. A laboratory test to study the sample of vaginal fluid for women and urine for men is undertaken to diagnose the disease. In more severe cases, a culture report is undertaken to better understand the scope of the disease. 


The illness can be caused by a single dosage of and anti-biotic medication like tinidazole or metronidazole. The medication is safe for pregnant women if prescribed by the doctor. Do not consume alcohol within 24 hours after taking the medication as it could have uncomfortable side effects. It can take up to a week for the parasite to be thrown out of the body system. 


The chances of re-infection are high. Even after the treatment, one out of 5 people would be reinfected. To avoid getting so, it is important for your sex partners to be treated too. Pregnant women with the disease may deliver prematurely, have a baby with low birth weight and have chances of transmitting the infection to the baby. The disease also makes patients more prone to the HIV virus.


Usage of latex condoms every time you indulge in sexual intercourse would reduce the risk of spreading the disease. However, if you are aware of your partner being infected with the parasite, it is best to avoid having sex entirely and seek help from a medical care provider.

Treatment Cost

The treatment cost generally includes the medical expert fee, testing fee and medication fee. Rarely are there cases where the patient is admitted in the hospital or given any kind of support care.