Total Skin Care

Total Skin Care

The skin forms the outermost covering of the body and has an approximate surface area of 1.5 to 2m2 in adults.

  • In dermatology, skin is the major and largest organ of the integumentary system which is made up of epithelial, sub-epithelial and cutaneous layer containing glands, hair and nails and protects muscles and organs beneath it.
  • Skin care varies from people to people depending on the skin type, color, type and many other parameters.
  • The use of synthetic, semi-synthetic or natural cosmetics to take care of the appearance of the face and form of the skin is very common in many people mainly women.
  • Oily skin has always been a headache amongst them.
  • It is caused by hormonal in-stabilization in the body, which results in the sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone also called 5?-Dihydrotestosterone).
  • For this the moisture in the skin starts to go down along with the essential fatty acids (mainly ?-linoleic acid), causing the skin cells to die in huge numbers.
  • So the skin reimburses for this decrease of moisture by generating higher levels of oil. Oily skin can be cleansed swiftly with a very dilute solution of detergent when bath soaps do not succeed.
  • Thereafter, body lotions can be used to put back the cleansed skin into proper heath.

The major types of total skin care includes


Collagen Facial, Complex C, European Facial, Gentlemen's Facial, New York Facial, Venetian Facial,

Skin Treatments:

TCA, Cleansing, Aqua Lift Mask, Deep Hydrating, Quick Extraction Chemical Peels, Bio-medic Peel or Salicylic Peel, Vitalized Peel, Micro-derma-abrasion, Hyper-Pigmentation,


Areas waxed include: Chin, Upper Lip, Eyebrows, Sides of Face, Neck, Under Arm, Full Arm, Half Arm, Stomach, Bikini, Full Bikini, Feet, Playboy, Brazilian, Full Leg, Bikini Half Leg, Full Back, Half Back, Chest and Full Body.


Deep Tissue Massage, Hand & Foot Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Combination Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Sports Massage


In this pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet in order to restore energy flow and enhance overall health.

Body Treatments:

Detox, Parafango Rose Petal Treatment, Rejuvenating Treatment and Soothing Treatment,

Special Packages:

Rose Garden, Urban Escape, Mediterranean Bliss and Havana Retreat

Additional Services:

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash Perking, Eye Treatment, Paraffin Hand Treatment, Permanent Make-Up and Ear Candling