Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lenses are the lenses which can be used to correct astigmatism, a disease in which cornea of the eye is not in its natural shape.Earlier, those suffering from astigmatism were not recommended to wear contact lenses as no lenses available in the market cured astigmatism. But with the introduction of toric contact lenses, patients can be cured of astigmatism too.

In toric contact lenses, which are made from the same materials as normal contact lenses, one or both of the optical surfaces have a cylindrical lens effecting, depending on the fact whether both your eyes have astigmatism.

Most of the toric contact lenses have the effect of both cylindrical and spherical lens. A patient may be asked to use a spherical lens in one eye and toric lens in the other eye if he has astigmatism in only one eye.

Characteristics of toric contact lenses:

  • Toric contact lenses are used to treat both spherical and cylindrical aberration.
  • Toric contact lenses are designed in such a way that they remain in the same position and do not move, no matter how much you move your eyes. This helps in providing better and crisper vision.
  • Toric contact lenses are generally thicker at the bottom which is pushed down when you blink, allowing the lens to go into the correct position.
  • Toric contact lenses are ore expensive than the spherical lenses because they combine the effect of both cylindrical and spherical lenses. Also, getting it properly fitted into your eyes by an eye care practitioner will be more expensive than the normal contact lenses. The reason being that it consumes more time to fit properly and it requires more expertise.
  • Like other contact lenses, toric contact lenses are available in soft lens and rigid gas permeable (RGP). Soft lenses are available in monthly disposable and annual lens variety. However, most of the people prefer RGP because their shape is retained on the cornea of the eyes better than the soft lenses, providing a better, clearer and crisper vision. Though the difference in vision is very minor, most of those suffering from astigmatism prefer RGP over soft lenses.
  • Basically, toric contact lenses have two powers. One is meant for treating astigmatism while the other is meant for curing myopia (near sightedness) and hyperopia (far sightedness). If your eyes have minimal astigmatism, your eye practitioner may recommend you a spherical RGP or even spherical soft lens. RGP lenses, which are rigid, may force your cornea to transform a bit according to the shape of the lens, thus correcting astigmatism. Your eye care practitioner may also use a spherical soft lens of high power to cure minor astigmatism. However, this may be more time consuming.

There are daily disposable, monthly disposable and annual lenses available in the market. Toric silicon hydro gel contact lenses are also available in the market which should be disposed off after using it for a month.

Care for toric contact lenses:

Like normal contact lenses, toric contact lenses too need proper care and maintenance.

  • You must make sure that you wash your hands before inserting or removing the toric contact lenses from the eyes. But do not use soaps which have fragrance as they may affect the toric contact lenses.
  • Store the toric contact lenses in the solution recommended by your eye care practitioner when you are not wearing them so that they do not come in contact with foreign substances. Also, you will get clean and sterile toric contact lenses when you want to use it the next time.
  • You must ensure that you regular disinfect the toric contact lenses.
  • You must not wear the toric contact lenses for a longer period than that recommended y your eye care practitioner as it may lead to blurring of vision and temporary or even permanently hampering your vision.

Below products are most popular toric contact lenses in the world, whicha are:

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