Friendly Monitor For Diabetes

Tattoo Monitor For Diabetes

Given the dangerous complications diabetes can lead to, controlling the lifestyle disease once acquired, makes a diabetic look tough especially with the routine and unavoidable, but painful blood glucose tests. There is a continuous search for painless and easy ways to monitor glucose levels.

Researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that the pain involved with blood glucose readings can be avoided with a special kind of ink. Of course, like all incredible ideas, this ‘ink’ idea did not have enough takers as they doubted the accuracy levels of the blood glucose levels based on the ink. Researchers then introduced carbon nanotubes that would reflect the wavelength according to the change noted in the blood glucose levels.

The whole portable set-up consists of a watch like thing with infrared light worn around the wrist that would keep track of blood sugar levels besides providing a visual track to the patient. Making the entire process more accurate and less painful has been the thrust behind this innovation, and this monitor would last for six months before it is refreshed again. The only challenge is to minimize the margin of errors as a small error in reading can prove fatal for diabetics. Trials on animals will start soon, once the testing is over it will hit the market on a commercial scale.

Massachusetts-based Draper Laboratories have developed a special kind of injectable nanotech ink that will eventually free diabetics from painful blood glucose tests. This special tattoo ink changes color once inside the skin based on the blood glucose levels.

Heather Clark and her colleagues at Draper never set out to design such a glucose-detecting ink. In fact, they never thought such a tattoo is possible. This got extended after the original development of a sodium-sensitive ink to monitor the health of the heart after advancing basic knowledge of electrolytes in the body, and also, to ensure athletes are hydrated properly.

The USP of this tattoo is it is not an attention seeking signature style tattoo which is your in your face, large or outrageous. It is only a few millimeters in size and would not have to penetrate as deep as a regular tattoo.