Taeniasis is a form of tapeworm infection which is caused by tapeworms of genus teania and stays inside the intestine until it reaches the length of about 3 meters or 1 meter also.


The Taeniasis is caused by three tapeworm species T. saginata (beef tapeworm), T. solium (pork tapeworm), T. asiatica (the Asian tapeworm). The teania eggs hatch in the animal’s (cow or pig) intestine and migrate to striated muscle which develops into disease known as cysticercosis. Humans are infected to tapeworms when they eat raw or uncooked beef or pork containing infected cysticerci.

Adults and children get infected with pork tapeworm due to poor hygienic condition. The tapeworm egg gets ingested into the body while wiping or scratching their anus or the skin around it.


Many people with tapeworm infection have mild symptoms and also depend on the species of tapeworm because T. saginata grows up to 10 meters than T. solium grows up to 3 meters. It may cause digestive problems such as abnormal pain, weight loss, and upset stomach. In rare cases, the segments of the tapeworm will be lodged in the appendix or pancreatic ducts.


The tests for taeniasis are made by the examination of stool samples and the patients should be asked if they have passed tapeworm segments. The stool samples are collected for three different days and should be examined for teania eggs in the lab and eggs can be detected in the stool 2-3 months after the infection is established.


Taeniasis can be easily treated by praziquantel (5-10 mg/kg, single-administration) or niclosamide (adults or children above 6 years) usually in a single dose.


With the doctor’s prescription medication or the treatment the tapeworm infection should be cured.


The prevention of tapeworm infection involves strict meat inspection regimens, proper cooking of pork, health education, improve pig farming practices, and adequate water and sanitation (elimination of open defecation).

Treatment cost

It costs US $30 per stool-positive and the cost per case of taeniasis detected is US $ 4051.