Symptoms Of Sugar

The food we eat breaks down into simple sugar by the digestive juices present in the stomach during digestion process. The process of breaking down of food into sugar is called metabolism. The sugar formed is called glucose. Sometimes the metabolism does not work properly and results in a disorder named as diabetes. Diabetes is caused due to imbalance secretion of insulin hormone, produced by pancreas, which controls the level of sugar in the body.

There are three types of diabetes, such as

  • Type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes: The diabetes is insulin dependent and is treated by giving insulin injections regularly.
  • Type 2 diabetes or Melitus: The diabetes effect people who are above 45 years and having insulin resistance problem.
    • Gestational diabetes: Diabetes found in pregnant women.

It is important to know the symptoms of sugar diabetes in body to protect yourself from this serious problem. The sugar diabetes could be treated if found in its earlier stage.
Symptoms of sugar diabetes:

  • Frequent thirst and urination: People having diabetes drink more water than normal people. The thirst rises during the day time. It occurs due to high production of glucose in the body. Excessive glucose takes out more water from body cells and hence the person facing this problem feels thirstier than other. In addition, diabetic patient urinate more than normal one during night.
  • Abnormal weight gain: Diabetic people crave for sweets and other sweetening products because of excessive sugar lose from the body. They tend to eat more than their usual diet and this causes abnormal weight gain in the body.
  • Blurred vision: In diabetes the eye tissues are pushed away from the pupil and results into blurred vision. If not treated on time, the problem will go to serious stages like blindness or prolonged vision problem.
  • Late or improper healing of infection or wounds: In diabetes the wounds and infections occurring in body do not heal faster than usual healing time. Diabetes effect the healing process of the body because of late formation of body cells. The healing process is much late in women having vagina or bladder infections.
  • Swollen gums: Diabetes causes gums problems due to gap formed between teeth and gums. The gums might bleed or become painful while eating or drinking something.
  • Tingling or numbness in feet and hands: A person having diabetes might feel numbness or tingling in hands and feet due to damage of blood vessels in the nerves of those parts.
  • Low appetite: Diabetic person might face the problem of low appetite and this can cause weakness in the body or fatigue.

Diabetes can be cured well if the symptoms are recognized at their early stage, especially in people above 45 years. Pregnant ladies should go for regular checkups to know about the changes happening in the body. Diabetes can be controlled, if the person facing these symptoms recognizes them and go for further tests and treatment as soon as possible.