Swine Influenza Treatment

Treatment For Swine Influenza

Swine Influenza Treatments For Severe Flu Symptoms

Swine influenza or swine flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by one of several influenza A viruses that infect the respiratory tract of pigs. Individuals who come in direct contact with these pigs may get affected with this communicable disease resulting in flu symptoms such as nasal infections, high fever, severe cough, weakness and breathing disorders. Regardless of the previous health or vaccination status if the severity of the disease is more requiring immediate attention then it is better to seek swine influenza treatment from the approved physician.

Swine Influenza Treatment Methods

  • Depending upon the severity, age and previous health condition the healing methods vary from person to person. However, the best swine influenza treatment for infections in humans is taking the prevention vaccinations. Approved for ages from 6 months to elders, including pregnant females this swine influenza vaccine is very safe and effective solution for all age groups. Even though the vaccination has mild side effects, it is considered as the efficient means to reduce the potential risks and duration of the illness with increased resistance towards disease prevention.
  • Most of the flu cases including H1N1 influenza virus require no special swine influenza treatment techniques other than getting symptom relief. For individuals with progressive and complicated illnesses, doctors may prescribe additional medications such as antiviral drugs like Oseltamivir and Zanamivir to reduce the severity symptoms and decrease the high risk of complications.

For Confirmed Influenza Cases

  • Even though the antiviral drugs help to prevent or reduce the effects of swine flu or influenza, they are not recommended if the symptoms are persisting for more than 48 hours. Using these drugs indiscriminately for long time may increase the resistance and may not possibly work further in patients. Hence patients with clinical suspicion for high influenza infection are required to take swine influenza treatment with additional supportive measures from the prescribed doctors.
  • For confirmed cases, patients should be kept isolated in home or at the hospitals in total bed rest along with swine influenza treatment methods such as giving antiviral agents, cough suppressants, antipyretics and analgesics for inflammation and fever. Individuals who have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath together with severe infection and illness are advised to seek immediate medical attention without any delay.