10 Summer Diet Tips To Keep You Healthy

Summer has more day and less night timings. That is the main reason for most of the people choosing summer as their favorite season as they feel they can enjoy more being fresh during summer. Proper diet plan and work outs make you feel much better and energetic throughout the day. It is a common fact that we sweat more during summer and lose energy easily. Thus, it is also the time to lose any extra weight, gradually. At the same time compensating the body with necessary ingredients also need to be focused.

Summer Diet Tips To Keep You Healthy

The following are the major 10 diet tips that could help you to be healthy.

1. Minimum 8 glasses of water

Water is the major thing that the body loses during the summer. Thus, drinking lots of water is rather important. This prevents dehydration. Instead of choosing artificial flavored cold drinks, experts suggest choosing plain water. Coconut water as well as lime juice also works well to keep your body cool.

2. No to deep fries and oil foods

Consumption of more oily food and deep fries reduces the water levels in the body. Thus, keep them far as much as possible and prefer boiled and cooked with less oil.

3. At least one fruit per day

Most of the seasonal fruits like water melon and grapes etc would help you to keep your body cool. The fruits like mango also help you in getting enough vitamins and minerals. Thus, intake of any of the fruits, at least one per day, would help keeping you and stomach healthy. Choose milkshakes or fruit smoothies with less sugar instead of junk food.

4. Include salads

Salads provide you enough water levels, carbohydrates and fiber contents. It is easy to prepare and easy to digest. Fruit salads or vegetable salads can be added to your main meals. Adding olive oil and lemon increases the antioxidants. Cucumber and fresh leafy vegetables added in the salads would also contain high water and fiber levels.

5. No to stale and long frozen left- over food

The food gets spoiled easily and quickly during summer. Thus, try to eat freshly cooked. Stale food and the left-over food, frozen for a long time, are not suggestible. Try to consume the vegetables and meat or seafood as early as possible.

6. Avoid consuming more coffee and tea

More coffee and tea is not at all suggestible during summer. This can be substituted with any of other healthy beverages like green tea.

7. Take timely meals

Untimely meals can easily make you fatigue. The loss of calories would be higher during summer.  This also may lead to acidity problems.

8. Prefer less chilled liquids

Chilled liquids may tempt you during hot summers. But drinking chilled liquids in hot summer may disturb the blood vessels. Thus, prefer less cool liquids or liquids that are naturally cooled like cooled in pot.

9. Saboo, sabza, barley and ragi

The items like ragi powder, saboo seeds and barley seeds, help you to keep the body cool and also gives needed carbohydrates.

10. Wash the hands before eating

The heat in summer produces more sweat around body, including the palm. This produces bacteria. So, washing the hand before eating is rather important to avoid the intake of bacteria.