South Beach Diet

The creator of the south beach diet is a Miami-based cardiologist Arthur Agatston, who emphasizes on the intake of “good carbohydrates” and “good fats” in this diet.

The South Beach diet believes that high processed carbohydrates get quickly digested, which makes insulin levels in the body, spike. Once your body uses up your high insulin levels, you crave to eat more and end up eating more carbohydrates. The South Beach Diet attempts to break this cycle and makes you eat less and healthier food. The diet also believes that “bad fats” such as trans and saturated fats can increase your chance of developing a cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it asks you to minimize the consumption of these fats.

How the South Beach Diet works

There are three phases in the South Beach Diet. As you move on to the next phase, your diet will become more relaxed in terms of what you can eat. Since the first phase is the most stringent, a person will lose weight the fastest during this phase. But since it is difficult to be in a strict phase for a long time, you can jump to the next phase in two weeks, which is more liberal with food. However, if you feel that after finishing the second phase, you still haven’t achieved your ideal weight, you can get back to the first phase for a short while. This way, the South Beach Diet allows you to move between phases.

South Beach Diet - First Phase

This is the most severe phase of the diet but will not let you go hungry. In fact, it allows you to eat six times a day. All you have to remember is to eat normal size portions that satisfy your hunger and no more than that. Foods with “good fats” and a low Glycemic Index for blood sugar control are recommended in this phase. But you need to totally shun breads, potato, rice, pasta, fruits and baked foods.

South Beach Diet - Second Phase

In this phase, you can slowly introduce healthy carbohydrates like whole grain bread and fruit. Foods chosen should have a low glycemic index. In this phase of the diet you will discover that your weight loss is much lower than what it was in the first phase, but that should not make you think of jumping back to phase 1.

South Beach Diet aims at gradually introducing carbohydrates in your diet, increasing your intake of healthy food, while also keeping your weight under control.The objective is to look good while you eat healthy. The creator of this diet maintains that no two people will react in the same way to different carbohydrates, so this is the right time to monitor how you do.

If you feel you are taking too long to reach your desired weight, you can go back to the first phase  of the diet for a short while. After being in the second phase for some time, once you feel that that you are satisfied with your weight loss you can move on to the third phase.

South Beach Diet - Third Phase

The third phase is what you have to follow the rest of your life. By the time you reach this phase your cravings for foods bad for your health would have subsided and you would have got into a healthy eating plan. If you still find that at any point of time you are putting on weight, you can repeat your previous phases and then get back to phase 3.

The South Beach Diet, like all other diets should be followed only after consultation from your doctor, as what suits one doesn’t suit everyone.