Soflens 1 Day Contact Lenses

Soflens 1Day - Redefine your personality to gain that latent confidence that is hampering your performance. Contact lenses which were once used only to cure vision defects but nowadays they are even used as a cosmetic device to enhance one's personality. The Soflens offers you an option from a stunning deep blue to sensational light green.

Bausch and Lomb's Soflens 1 Day although offers less durability but is most comfortable to use as it consists of a softer plastic known as hydrogel which contains a higher content of water allowing the oxygen to permeate into the cornea. Usually a Soflens is disposable as it can not be used for more than 24.

WHO CAN WEAR Soflens 1 Day Contact Lenses?

If you are not able to distinguish objects kept at varied lengths or you suffer from a blurred vision or astigmatism or presbyopia then Bausch and Lomb Soflens 1 Day caters you with almost every solution to your problem. Made out of 'Aer Gel' it promises comfort and health.

ADVANTAGES of Soflens 1 Day Contact Lenses

    1. People usually prefer contact lens over glasses as they consider themselves to be more attractive.
    2. Bausch and Lomb soflens are less affected by humidity, do not steam up and provide a clear vision.
    3. Soflens 1 Day contact lenses are light weight and virtually invisible.
    4. Adds color to your eyes and personality.

Precautions for Soflens 1 Day Contact Lenses:

    1. Wearing Soflens 1 Day contact lenses overnight may be fatal.
    2. Wearing Soflens 1 Day contact lenses may slightly affect our eyelid, conjunctiva, and layers of cornea and even tear film over a long period of time.
    3. You have to take special care while applying and storing Soflens 1 Day contact lenses.
    4. People encounter many eye problems like excess tears, burning, itching, dryness etc.


    1. Make sure your hands are clean before you touch to clean your Soflens lenses.
    2. After removing one of your Soflens lenses place them in the center of your hand.
    3. Use the cleaning solution to the outer surface.
    4. Gently rub the solution into lens for about 1 minute
    5. Carefully launder the lens with a cleaning solution to replace in the lens case.
    6. Pour some cleaning solution in the case.