Smoking Laws

Fresh air, water, food and shelter are the basic requirements of life. But is the air fresh anymore? Each day alarming quantities of tobacco smoke is being puffed into the air, making it far away from clean and fresh. The airs we breathe in today are toxic and carcinogenic because 1.2 billion people included smoking into the list of basic requirements.

In a study it was found that some outdoor places contain more tobacco smoke than many indoor areas. Smoking is known to produce a very large number of disorders, diseases and death in smokers. Around half of the smokers will have some smoking related health risk in the future. Most thinks, "It's my life and my health, I will take care of it." But many studies suggest that the second hand smoke from the smokers is also extremely dangerous. So when you smoke in public, you are putting the lives of those around you, who hardly ever smoke, in risk. So what is the best way to avoid second hand smoke, Stop breathing in public???? The only way of reducing the dangers of second hand smoke is by restriction of public smoking.

Almost every country lays down the constitution giving the citizen lot of right and freedom. Don’t they have the freedom to breathe fresh air? To give the freedom to breath healthy air, more and more countries are taking up smoking bans and restrictions. Anti smoking laws, bans the smoking in public places like parks, restaurants, hospitals and offices. Some laws restrict the use of cigarettes in closed environment only. These laws are indeed helping a lot of people from the unseen terror, tobacco smoke.

The first ever known smoking ban in history was implemented by Pope Urban VII in 1590. He banned any sort of smoking and tobacco usage in the church premises. And in 1990 California became the first state to issue smoking ban in public, they banned smoking particularly in restaurant. Now many countries have passed the law which restricts public smoking one way or the other. The smoking laws in different countries do differ. In Bhutan, even purchasing tobacco anywhere in the country is an offence. Ireland and Scotland, ban smoking only in enclosed public areas like malls, restaurants and hospitals.

In India, smoking is banned in public places including open areas, and on screen smoking by actors is also restricted. All these anti smoking laws and bans are passed in the interest of non smokers, who become the prey of someone else's deeds. Most of the time, smokers find some way or the other to get out the laws making it less effective, but, we can't ignore the fall in rate of public smoking after implementing these laws.

Some smoker's feels that the anti smoking law gets into their rights as a human being, but remember they are only stopped from murdering others with their second hand smoke and no one stops them from killing themselves. The pro smokers or promoters of believe that more death are caused by other factors when compared to smoking then why ban smoking. They create uproar each time some anti smoking laws are thought of. When law banning smoking in bar was passed most of them made a statement that, alcohol is anyway going to cause cancer then why protect them from tobacco smoke.

Some pro smoking advocates have gone as far as to create their smoker's right bill. Most smokers feel that their right as a human being is trodden upon and they are being discriminated. Always a non smokers right to breath fresh air comes above smokers' rights, an usually smokers are having right to smoke only in their personal environment, their home and car.

The banning of public smoking has decreased the number of cigarettes smoked as most of the places restrict smoking. Please stop public smoking, do it for your friends, family and do it for the world.