Smoking Health Risk

Puffing cigarette was considered to be cool and trendy at a time and nonsmokers were thought to be immature or uncool. Every now and then a cigarette commercial would pop up in the television featuring a masculine model with a lit cigarette on the tip of his mouth. But now, these ads are banned, after; smoking was proved to be the nation's leading cause of preventable death.

The statistics of smoking are always shocking; in spite of the knowledge that smoking is closely related to cancer, more than one quarter of the population in the world still smokes. Studies reveal that more than 10,000 children are taking their very first puff each day and around ten billion cigarettes are sold in a minute around the world.  These statistics shows that tobacco is one of the most profit making industries and we are making it richer each minute.

All forms of tobacco; puffs, hookah, cigarettes and chewing tobacco are indeed harmful to the body. Tobacco present in these contains toxic chemicals and carcinogens which affect the health in all possible ways. The tobacco smoke is so harmful that it also even affects the non smokers who unknowingly inhale the smoke given out by smokers. The risk caused by continued use of tobacco includes stroke, altered brain chemistry, less sense of smell, cancer of mouth, larynx, sore throat, cold finger due to reduced blood circulation, lowering of heart rate etc. As a matter of fact it poses a risk to almost every part of the body.

Smoking is found to cause about 5 million deaths an year, 42% of the total male cancer death and 28% of the female cancer death are also tobacco related.  About 90% of lung cancer, 75% of chronic bronchitis and emphysema and 25% of ischemic heart are found to be associated with smoking. Prolonged cigarette smoking is found to cause different cancer including oral cancer, lung cancer, larynx and esophageal cancer. The risk of cancer is dose related, the more cigarettes you smoke, the more is the risk. It is found to those smoking increases the risk of cancer 2000 times compared to nonsmokers.

Smoking also causes several diseases apart from cancer. Smoking is found to cause disease of heart by constricting the blood vessel and increasing the blood pressure. It also causes bronchitis, osteoporosis, pneumonia, cough etc in smokers. Smoking at the time of pregnancy can cause problem for the mother and baby, the new born have a high death rate, and are usually underweight. These children are likely to have many health problems in the future and the health risk increases on continuing the passive smoking from their parent. Smoking decreases the antioxidants and immunocompetant cells in the body making it easily susceptible to different diseases and also increases the recovery time. Second hand smoke also causes similar health problems but to a lower extent.

Passive smokers also face cigarette related health problems. Tobacco smoke is found to cause cancer, heart diseases, bronchitis and asthma, in them, just like in active smokers. Small innocent children suffer from different disease due to the environmental tobacco smoke ' presented' to them by their parents. Even unborn baby is affected by the second hand smoke, they either comes to the world lifeless or are at risk of having diseases like cancer in future.

Nicotine is one of the main chemicals found in tobacco. One drop of purified nicotine on tongue can cause death. This substance is highly addictive and gives the feeling of satisfaction and stress release seconds after the first puff; this is because nicotine reaches the brain through blood stream just 10 seconds after inhaling the tobacco smoke. It binds to the receptor on the brain and cause rapid release of adrenalin which increases the blood pressure and heart beat and changes the breathing rhythm.

Nicotine is responsible to increase the concentration of low density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol in the blood, it is also found to increase the levels of blood glucose by inhibiting insulin production. Nicotine is also found to increase the body's basal metabolic rate, so you lose weight by smoking. But the thing is what the use of slim figure when you are preparing to die?

Alcohol is another addictive which also causes many health problems. The amount and frequency of drinking increases the risk of ethanol related disease. Alcohol consumption can cause liver cirrhosis, stroke, cancer of mouth, throat and colon, mental imbalance etc. Smoking and alcohol are two major killers in the world and takes millions of life every year.