Skin Care

The skin is an essential outer layer of the body which needs to be look good and people also takes extra care of the skin through various processes which include following steps like:

Cleansing For Skin:

  • According to the regular skincare cleansing belongs to the first method of skin care.
  • This method should be done at least thrice a day depending on the type of skin like dry skin required twice cleansing whereas oily skin requires four times a day.
  • Generally skin cleanser also depends on the type of the skin for dry skin an oil based cleanser such as herbal, natural or cosmetic are required.
  • For natural cleanser soaps or milk can be applied and for cosmetics or herbal category specified cleansing lotions are applied.
  • Then with a cotton pad either dipped in milk or in cleansing lotion is applied to wipe off the dirt from the skin.
  • After that the face is rubbed with smooth tissue paper.

Face Packs For Skin:

  • After the cleansing methods are over then sometimes people apply homemade masks prepared with fuller earth, aluminium silicate, cucumber, lemon juice, curds.
  • Sometimes cosmetics or herbal face pack is also applied.
  • The face pack removes all the dirt, dead cells, and sebum from the skin and makes it glowing and healthy.
  • Some people also apply oatmeal face pack which comprises of vitamin E and B.
  • The face also maintains the alkali or acid balance of the skin.

Freshening of skin:

  • After the application of the face packs skin toners or fresheners which act as the astringent of the skin are applied to make the skin more sensitive and to make the skin cells active.

Moisturizing of skin:

  • Moisturizing is very necessary for all types of skin as it very advantageous for skin as it act as the replacement of the water content in the skin that was lost before.
  • It also safe guards the skin form the heat situations and cold situations.
  • Moisturizers are of two types like water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions which are very helpful for all types of skins.

Case studie:

  • Recent researches reveal that if skin is not properly taken care of the various diseases can develop like pimples, acne, skin cancer and many more.
  • Sometimes for proper skin or hide any scar people also go for plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery or rhinoplasty.
  • Beverly Hills rhinoplasty is the best one amongst others.