Serum Chromium Test


Serum chromium is a test which is done to check the increased level of chromium in the blood. This test is also known as chromium blood test.

How Serum Chromium Test is done

  • In this test blood is taken from a vein.
  • The blood is usually taken from the back of the hand or the inside portion of the elbow.
  • First the site is cleaned with the antiseptic medicine in order to make it germ free.    
  • In order to make the vein swell with blood and to make pressure on the area of testing, the health care advisor tightens the upper arm with the help of elastic.
  • After this the health care provider inserts a needle very gently in the swollen vein.
  • Then the blood is collected in the tube which is attached to the testing needle.
  • After this elastic band is removed so that vein can come in its normal form.
  • After the blood is collected in the airtight vial or a tube, the inserted needle is taken out and then testing site is covered to avoid any type of bleeding.
  • In case of small children a sharp tool is used to puncture the skin to make it bleed. The tool is known as lancet.
  • Then the blood is collected in the little glass tube which is known as pipette, or the slide or a test strip.
  • To stop any kind of bleeding after Serum Chromium Test, a bandage is placed on the punctured part.

Preparation for Serum Chromium Test

For getting Serum Chromium Test done, patient can go anytime and there is no need of any special preparations.

Feeling while going through Serum Chromium Test

At the time when needle is inserted in the skin a person feels very light pain as something is pricked in the skin or type of stinging sensation.

Need of Serum Chromium Test

This test is done to check the chromium poisoning in the blood. Increased level of it can cause chromium poisoning.

Normal values of Chromium

  • Normal range of serum chromium levels in blood ranges from less than 0.05 up to 0.5 micrograms/milliliter.
  • Depending on the type of specimen the result of the range of chromium level may be different in different laboratories.

When Serum Chromium Test is not normal

The increased level of chromium may be because of too much exposure in the industries like leather tanning, steel manufacturing industries and electroplating.

Risk with Serum Chromium Test

There may be some risk while testing as when the blood is drawn from the vein person can faint, blood can accumulate under the skin, which may create problem, chances of infection are there if the test is not done in a proper way, person can have excess bleeding.

Important thing about Serum Chromium Test

If the blood sample is stored in a metal tube the result of the test can be altered.