Sensitive Skin Care

  • Sensitive skin care deals with the correct application of the skin care product for cleaning the skin and making it healthy and glowing.
  • Sensitive skin possesses a minimal forbearance level to skin cleansing products either natural or cosmetics and ecological circumstances.
  • People possessing sensitive skin generally responds rapidly to heat or wind or chemicals, by emerging red, blemished and aggravated skin.

Sensitive Skin Care Through Natural Procedures:

  • Sensitive skin care through natural procedures proved to be very fruitful.
  • Natural products have fewer chances to activate the reaction in comparison to the impact of other sensitive skin care products on skin.
  • Diet plays a significant role in maintaining sensitive skin.
  • A healthy and a balanced diet containing huge amount of fresh vegetables and fruit helps skin to appear healthy and youthful.
  • Sizzling and highly spiced foods helps the reactions to trigger out quickly on the sensitive skin and hence it should be avoided.
  • People with sensitive skin should drink lots of water and fruit juices as it helps to hydrate the skin.
  • Once the sensitive skin is hydrated it fights with the irritation in a more effective way.

Sensitive Skin Care With Herbal Medication:

  • Herbal medications are very effective for sensitive skin, as the products are free from the insensitive chemicals that can lead to skin tribulations.
  • Generally the herbal products possess natural components which are healthier for sensitive skin and skin irritations do not occur.
  • Amongst herbal products almond or jojoba oil can be used to clean the face.
  • A facial pack can be prepared by mixing grapefruit with oatmeal to apply on the face as it will trigger of irritation.
  • Comfrey steeped in water act as the good toner for the sensitive skin amongst herbal products.
  • Green tea possesses the properties of anti-inflammatory feature which prevent reactions of the sensitive skin.
  • A face mask made of cucumber and yoghurt can also used for sensitive skin types.
  • Aloe Vera acting as the smothing of the skin that is red, aggravated and blemished can be applied directly on the skin.

Case Studies for Sensitive Skin Care:

Latest studies depicts that skin care for sensitive skin should be devoid of cosmetic products as the sensitive skins reacts after the application of the cosmetics products so it is preferred to use either herbal products or natural products or home made products.