Seniors Health

Seniors Health Issues:

Seniors Health - Age of technology and revolution has increased many peoples lifespan. Many and many people are living longer than ever before in fact one in five American is a senior citizen. Though seniors do lead healthy active lives, it's an inevitable fact that as we age our bodies begins to unwind. The risk of disease increases as resistance lowers, but an important point of fact is that poor health is not a result of old age.

Some important issues to expect as one age are:

1) The Cardiovascular System is the engine that runs our bodies. The heart purifies and supplies blood to all parts of the body. As we age, the heart becomes less efficient and if its condition is compounded with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries due to fat deposits) the heart needs to pump harder to allow blood to flow. This results in high blood pressure and coronary thrombosis.

2) The Central Nervous System is the brain and its associated functions. Apart from hereditary conditions, Alzeihmers disease is a condition that is increasingly affecting the aging population. Another very common complaint of seniors is loss of memory.

3) Bones, muscles and joints creak and complain as we age. Bones shrink in size and density making them more prone to fractures. Depleting fluids in the joints makes movement difficult and muscles too lose their elasticity.

4) The Digestive System: what we eat we are, aging diminishes the capacity of the stomach to digest, to produce digestive fluids that can result in constipation.

5) Eyesight becomes weak, cataracts, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration are the common complaints of aging eyes.

6) Loss of teeth, shrinking gums, dryness of the mouth as less saliva is produced, oral cancer (due to a lifetime of smoking) always unfailingly accompany aging.

7) Loose and wrinkled skin, thinning and greying hair and general loss of appearance, these cause more of a psychological problem than anything else.

8)Urinary Incontinence and an enlarged prostate.

9) Very importantly sleep patterns change, you require less sleep and sleep is often disturbed.

Seniors Health Care Management:

Though the litany of health issues is pessimistic, the reality is not so grim. It is essential to be aware of what may happen and take necessary steps to prevent whatever is in our power to prevent. Good health and active mental faculties are a result of sound health management in your younger days. Exercise, sensible diet and an awareness of health bear fruit, as we grow older. Therefore it is best to start early and take responsibility for your health.

Three simple rules for good seniors health are:

1) Sensible dietary habits are absolutely essential for good health. You should realize that eating requirements change, as we grow older. Foods rich in sugars, carbohydrates, oily foods and refined flours are best avoided. Make sure your intake is balanced with fruits, proteins and whole food grains (very necessary for reducing constipation).

2) Exercise and more exercise. As muscles age it is necessary to exercise to maintain an active lifestyle. Exercise slowly if you are a beginner and gradually build-up. Walking, swimming are better options. Vigorous forms of exercise that put strain on your bones and muscles are best avoided.

3) Periodic visits to your health care provider are essential and so is a complete medical check-up.

Seniors Health Insurance:

Sound health management for seniors and equally sound health coverage are essential.

As Wayne and Evelyn Hurst of Tennessee say that being enrolled in a helpful healthcare plan allows you to relax and enjoy with our grandchildren.

Conseco senior health offers health insurance to middle level Americans in their working life and beyond into retirement.

Cariten Senior Health is another health insurance provider working in the East-Tennessee area. Apart from providing comprehensive medical care they also offer transportation to health care appointments.

Senior Health Inc. is a non-profit health care organization working towards providing seniors with excellent long-term care.

On Lok Senior Healthis a certified Pace program geared towards providing long-term care for the elderly in the comfort of their homes. Planned as an alternative to nursing home care, their services are comprehensive. In tune with your Physician they plan a health program to suit your needs.

Senior Whole Health (SWH) coordinates with the Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to provide health care management. They adopt a new approach to health care services for the elderly.

Senior Health Partners provide health care services for seniors who prefer to remain at home and independent. Their extensive staff of doctors, nurses, social workers etc. plan with your heath care provider to administer your day to day health needs.