Relaxation Techniques

Are anger and frustration becoming a part of your everyday life? Do you feel that you have no control over things and also as if life is slipping out of your hands? Take charge then, for you could be suffering from stress. In the kind of life we lead today, it is not a rarity for a person to suffer from stress but it should be treated as soon as its symptoms are recognized. If you feel that you are a victim of stress or could become one, you should incorporate the following relaxation techniques in your life.

Relaxation Technique 1-Don’t worry about the future

Getting apprehensive about what may or may not happen in the future is a major cause of trouble for a lot of people. It is extremely important that you live in the present, in the moment, which is now. There is no point worrying about a future you haven’t seen. What you fear about tomorrow may actually never happen. So why cause yourself anxiety thinking about it and loseyour peace of mind?

Relaxation Technique 2- De-clutter your living spaces

Your living spaces are important for you and it is imperative that you keep them clean and clutter free. Though you may not realize it, the cleaner and more organized your room, the lighter and more relaxed you will feel while you are there. So, get going, arrange your books, CDs and your wardrobeand enjoy the feel-good state of mind that you experience! To add to the experience you can place fragrant flowers and play some soft music as well.

Relaxation Technique 3-Don’t let the opinion of other people affect you

Each and every person in your life would have an opinion about something that you do. If you start listening to all of them and try to implement what they say or even give a thought to it, you will be left confused. There are also people who try to find fault with all that others do. If you give attention to their criticism, you may lose confidence in yourself. All this may lead to a loss of your peace of mind. So, though it is good to hear out others, you should not give their opinion too much importance and let it drive you away from your own goals. A certain amount of aloofness is needed while listening to criticism as well as praise from others.

Relaxation Technique 4-Prioritize your life

Find out what is most important to you. Arrange various tasks that you want to do in order of priority. Once things are in order in your mind, you will be able to work on them one at a time, peacefully. It is when you have too many things on your mind that you get tensed and stress over all the work. Maintaining a list of things to do and checking them out one by one after finishing them can be a very good relaxation technique.

Relaxation Technique 5- Make time for self

Work can be a great stressor with so many demands on your time. But everyone gets some time off work everyday which should be utilized for doing things other than work. For instance, once you are back from work, you should not take work-related phone calls and send emails to your colleagues. It may be difficult initially, but once people around you get to know that you mean business, they won’t disturb you. Use your free time to do something for yourself or your family and feel yourself relax! You can go out for a walk, play a game of basketball with your children, call up your parents or take your spouse to a theatre-anything that breaks the monotony of the daily grind will work for you and help you relax.

Once you have mastered the above relaxation techniques, you will surely have conquered stress and tension in your life. So, go ahead and begin today.