Reduce Heart Attack Risks

People who got seasonal flu vaccine have a 19% reduced risk of getting a first heart attack, saidUniversity of Lincoln, England researchers, in a study that was published in Canadian Medical Association Journal. The journal says that the earlier the vaccine is shot in the autumn the better the results are.

It has been believed there could be some link between respiratory infections and heart arrests - both catapults in incidence prominently in the winter seasons when flu and pneumonia are widespread.

The British researchers evaluated data on 78,706 patients aged around 40 years from 379 GP practices in Wales and England. It has been found that 16,012 of the patients had had a heart arrest and out of them 8,472 had been shot seasonal flu vaccine.

The researchers found an association between those who had been shot vaccines and a comprehensive decrease in heart attack risk.

Those who got their vaccination between September and mid-Novembers had a 21% heart attack cut down risk, while patients who got their vaccination at a later date had a 12% reduction risk.
If further reports and researches have identical findings, clinicians may re-thing on the suggested indications and timing of vaccinations, the authors writes.

So, get the flu vaccine in early autumn and keep the heart attack risk at bay!