Psittacosis is generally caused because of humans getting infected by birds. The disease is generally infected from birds to human beings. The disease is also commonly known as the Parrot disease.


It is a human infectious disease that is caused by the Chlamydia psittaci, the Chlamydia pscittaci belongs to the genus Chlamydia.


The symptoms of this disease are mostly physical, and are simple to find and point out. The common symptoms are shivering, sleepiness, breathing difficulties and diarrhea.  The birds are the latent carriers of this infection. Therefore, though they might seem healthy, they show off symptoms later. Some of the symptoms of this disease in birds are nutritional deficiencies, overcrowding and stress because of egg laying are the symptoms when it comes to the birds.  When it comes to humans, the symptoms are chills, coughs, muscle pain, chest pain, and a loss of appetite. Some would even experience headache, sweating and intolerance to cough.


Psittacosis affects the lungs primarily. However, it could go on to affect several organs like liver, the heart cavity lining and even the brain. In some cases, Psittacosis might affect the heart muscle.


There are some laboratory tests that are conducted to find out whether a person suffers from Psittacosis. Because the symptoms are quite general, the doctor should be informed about the fact that the person has been exposed to birds.


There are specific drugs available for the treatment of psittacosis. Some patients might be resilient to the common penicillin, but tetracycline seems to work well on the patients when it comes to psittacosis treatment.


There are some general aspects of preventing this disease, but can be mainly considered to be a professional risk. Mostly, people who work with birds catch this disease. Therefore, people who work in natural sanctuaries, zoos, and poultry workers etc., face the risk of catching this disease. The best way of preventing Psittacosis from affecting others would be to isolate the birds that have this disease and well maintaining the area where the birds are kept.

Treatment cost

The cost of treatment for psittacosis would generally depend on the drugs that are prescribed and the general costs of visiting a doctor.