Pimple Skin Care

Those who suffer from acne know how difficult pimple skin care can be. Pimple skin care consists of inexpensive gels available in the drugstore to laser treatments offered by dermatologists. There are many products in between these two extremes for pimple skin care.

Years ago, pimple skin care consisted of warnings to stay away from chocolate and creams that stung when you put them on your face. The creams and ointments were ineffective and only managed to dry out your skin. Dermatologists soon discovered that eating habits had nothing to do with acne break outs. They began prescribing oral medication, such as Tetracycline, for acne.

Other forms of pimple skin care included excising the pimples and killing the bacteria with alcohol which usually caused scarring. Still other types of pimple skin care consisted of making the patient sit under ultraviolet light. The light was supposed to kill the bacteria in the skin. Skin lamps are still used today in many dermatologists office as well as salons.

Acne is usually caused by fluctuating hormones. It generally strikes young people on the verge of puberty and stops plaguing someone in their late teens. Pimple skin care for teenagers experiencing adolescent acne usually consists of proper cleansing routines and ointments that clear up the skin and keep it from scarring.

Occasionally, adults will get adult acne. This is also usually caused by a hormone imbalance, although there can be many other underlying causes. Pimple skin care for adults with adult acne may consist of ointments and creams as well as oral medications. Tetracycline is still prescribed, although anyone prescribed this medication must avoid sunlight.

Other pimple skin care used today includes skin care treatments in salons such as facials. Mud masques are also used to medicate acne plagued skin as a form of pimple skin care. It is a common misconception that pimples only occur on oily skin. This is not necessarily true. People with dry skin can also get acne.

Pimple skin care has many different facets and some methods can be very effective. It is important for anyone who treats themselves with pimple skin care not to pick at pimples or squeeze them as this may leave a scar in the place of the pimple.

If you are suffering from acne and seeking pimple skin care, try some of the products on the market before rushing off to the dermatologist. Some of the latest pimple skin care products have proven to be quite effective in treating acne.