Passive Smoking

Passive smokers are innocent people who suffer because of a smoking friend, spouse or neighbor. Second hand smoke or Environmental Tobacco Smoke is the mixture of more than 4000 different chemicals and toxic gases released to the surrounding when someone smokes. The smoker, exhale more than half of the smoke he takes in while smoking , this exhaled smoke plus that part given out from the burning butt totals to the passive smoke. Breathing in of this carcinogen-toxin cocktail can lead to a numerous health issues in both adults and children.

The statistic of passive smoke shows that, it kills around 51,000 non smokers every year. Almost one fifth of tobacco related lung cancer victims are passive smokers. According to researchers 17000 kids below 5 years of age are passive smokers, inhaling the smoke given out from their parent's cigarette. Passive smoking is found to increase the risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women by 70%, and lung cancer and heart disease by 25%.

The effects of smoking can vary in each individual based on their genetic makeup. Active smoking can lead to a number of health problems in susceptible individual and increases the risk in some others. Prolonged smoking is related with a higher risk of cancer and heart diseases. It also found to cause arthritis, pneumonia, asthma; bronchitis etc. smoking during pregnancy can lead to miscarriages and low birth weight baby. The effects of passive smoking are also found to be the same but the risk is reduced to a little extent. This is because passive smokers take in the smoke only when they are near a smoker. But the risk does increase when you have a chain smoker at home.

The fact about passive smoking is it affects everyone around, the most affected ones being helpless kids. Infant below18 months of age are adversely affected as their body is in the growing stage and they breathe faster inhaling much more second hand smoke than everyone else. Even low levels of second hand smoke are associated with pneumonia and bronchitis in these infants. It is also found to be associated with learning and behavioral disorders, and low mental growth in children. Meningitis in children may also be caused due to parents smoking habit. Children who are in continuous contact with second hand smoke have an increased chance of developing cancer as an adult. Kids with two smoking parent have nicotine level in their blood similar to a person smoking 90 cigarettes an year.

Adults are also affected by the second hand smoke, the blood sample; saliva and sweat of many non smokers were found to contain high concentration of nicotine and carbon monoxide. Short term contact with passive smoke can cause eye irritation, headache, breathing difficulties etc. Prolonged breathing of secondary smoke can cause lung cancer, bladder cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory illness etc. Passive smoking during pregnancy is found to increase the chance of abortion, mainly if your spouse smokes. Passive smoking also reduces potency in female. Heart disease related to tobacco is one of the leading causes of preventable death over the world.

There was a time when you have to keep your mouth and nose covered when going in public in the fear of breathing in cigarette smoke. Thanks to the law passed by the government to ban public smoking, now you can be free from tension. It was found that many outdoor places contain more tobacco smoke than some indoor area. Banning public smoking has reduced the accidental breathing in of the poisonous gases. This is like a life saving action from the side of government. Passive smoking can also be controlled if smoking in closed rooms, crowded places, cars and work places are reduced. Never smoke in front of children, by doing so you are making them unhealthy. Everybody knows you love your family, then why let them suffer because of you.

Have anyone wondered about the cost of smoking? An average smoker spends around 1000$ per year buying cigarette. It also accounts for the dollars you spent paying the hospital bills to treat your smoking related diseases. Moreover, your smoking habit is keeping you from work due to illness and the list continues. It also cost your family's well being and happiness and more than anything it cost you your and your family's LIFE.

The best thing to do is to quit smoking; it reduces passive as well as active smoking. Make a try on your side so that neither you nor others suffer because of you. And remember by quitting, you are saving yourself, your loved ones, and all around you.