Parasitic Infestation

About Parasitic Infestation

Parasite is a living organism which gets diet and coverage from another organism where it flourishes. Parasitic Infestation means any living thing that lives on or in another living organism to create problem while it grows with the food of that living thing intakes. It can be said in a simple manner like – a parasite is a type of virus that grows in the body of human being and that creates tremendous problem while it continues to grow. Parasites interfere with bodily functions and cause irritation and sometimes some of the parasites can destroy the host’s tissues and release toxins into the bloodstream which is very problematic and cause fatal disease to the body.

Symptoms of Parasitic Infestation

Symptoms of Parasitic Infestation can cause many types of illnesses as it is estimated that more than 80% of the population has parasites. There are many lab tests conducted and for which it has been found that human parasite infestation is about 20% of such cases of illness. However, there are still many undiscovered reasons of Parasitic Infestation which can create a losing battle for people trying to overcome health issues. 

Some most common symptoms of Parasitic Infestation are

  • Malnutrition, not having good diet for long time

  • If somebody do grinding teeth at night

  • Long term gastric problem 

  • Suffering from allergies

  • Suffering from asthma from childhood

  • If somebody have digestive problems from long time

  • Suffering from diarrhea

  • Problem of anemia

  • Continuous itchiness in ears, eyes, nose, and bottom

  • Infections in urinary glands 

  • Stools covered with mucous

  • Paining heart from long time 

  • Paining naval from long time

  • Suffering from constipation

  • If somebody have bed wetting problem from long time

  • If somebody do drooling at sleeping

  • Suffering from menstrual problems

  • With various skin problems

  • Suffering from depression and stress

  • Problems in liver and gallbladder

  • Suffering from forgetfulness

  • Continuous state of feeling hungry

  • Continuous pain feeling in shoulders, back or thighs

  • Sudden weight gain or loss

Treatment of Parasitic Infestation

As we all know that ‘Prevention is the better than cure’ and therefore it is always better to use preventive cautions to get rid of parasites’ attack in our body. However, there was de-worming system, which was started in 1933 but now doctors also advise to use some of herbal leaves as a preventive manner. Herbs have tremendous power to act as a preventive shield against parasites and therefore, if you take herbal juice from the particular and effective herbal leaves, you can get rid of parasites permanently. 

Causes of Parasitic Infestation

The most important causes of parasite infestation are insufficient or negligent hygiene, poorly washed foods or polluted water. You should not use polluted water at any cause. Water is the main way of getting effected with parasites. Blood loss, anemia, weight loss and appendicitis are also some of the biggest causes of parasite infestation. 

Parasitic Infestation Types

The most important types of parasites which infested millions of people so far are pinworms or threadworms (Enterobius vermicularis). There are also female pinworms which can hatch eggs within 4 to 6 hours.