Massage Equipments And Supplies

Massage is the process of applying pressure on different parts of the body to relieve stress and strain. Massage is either done manually by massage therapists, also known as masseurs, or with the help of massage aids.

Massage helps to rejuvenate the body and also enhances the blood circulation. Massage also helps to relive any pain in the body as it puts pressure on the pressure points of the body which are linked to all the organs.

You can go to beauty parlors or massage parlors to get it done. However, if you are very busy and do not have the time to go to a massage parlor, you can buy massage equipments and do the massage yourself by just spending 10-15 minutes.

Massage Equipments:

Various massage equipments are available in the market these days.
a) Massage rollers for hand and feet: Usually made of wood and plastic, these massage rollers come in two sizes – small size for hands and bigger size for feet. All you have to do is roll these massage rollers between your hands and under your feet while sitting. Massage rollers also works as acupressure as it presses all the pressure points on the hands and feet which are linked to all organs of the body, leading to proper blood circulation.
b) Massage balls: Massage balls help to relieve stress and strain by pressing the pressure points on the hands of the user. Massage balls is easy to use these balls and they can be used anywhere, be it in a bus, car, train or a plane.

c) Foot massaging mat: Foot massaging mat also works on the principles of acupressure. Used while standing, the spikes on the mat stimulate your vital organs though acupressure points on your feet. Foot massaging mat in turn improves the blood circulation and makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.There is another type of foot massager which can also be used to do pedicure. Put your feet in the massager and the in-built vibrator will relieve your feet of any pain or tension in the muscles.
d) Electric massagers: These hand-held massagers have different accessories for different parts of the body to ensure that the massage is neither too harsh nor too soft for the particular organ. Besides improving blood circulation throughout the body, these electric massagers help you relax your tensed muscles and relieve you of the stress and strain. Different companies come out with different models of electric massagers, which are suitable to all pockets.
e) Swing Master or Electric Walker: Basically, this Swing Master or Electric Walker for toning up and strengthening of legs but it moves the whole body. Swing Master or Electric Walker improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, relieves stress and cures backache. Swing Master or Electric Walker may also help its user to lose inches from his/her waist.
f) Back Reliever seat: This comfortable massage pas can be attached to your car seat or office chair to relieve your neck, back, hips and thighs of any stress and relax your tensed muscles. Back Reliever seat comes along with a remote control through which you can select the speed of vibrations on the area where the massage needs to be done. The best thing about it is that it is light in weight and can be folded so that you can carry it wherever you go.
g) Massage Belt: Basically meant for waist, legs, arms and thighs, this massage belt helps you to reduce inches and that extra flab on your arms. You can adjust the speed of vibrations according to your choice. Massage Belt also improves the blood circulation throughout the body. Another advantage of this belt is that you can wear it while driving, working on office or cooking and doing domestic chores at home.

Massage Supplies:
  • Massage supplies includes oils, creams, lotions and massage gels. These days, aromatherapy products, including oils and massage gels, have become quite a rage among the fashion and beauty conscious people. These massage products are used to massage different parts of the body to soothe frayed nerves and remove any stress or strain and make feel rejuvenated and spirited.
  • So, if you want to have a good massage on your own without spending money in beauty parlors choose your massage equipment or the supplies according to your need and have your body relaxed and rejuvenated.