Lumbosacral Spine X-Ray

  • The vertebrae are highlighted in a Lumbosacral x-ray. These are essentially found in the lower back, an area that consists of two regions - the lumbar region and the sacrum. The sacrum connects thespinal cord to the pelvis region. This test is conducted by an x-ray technician usually after recommendation from a general practitioner. It is used to detect lower back pain. It is mostly detected in sports athletes. Lower back pain is also common among people who work sitting in the same place. For e.g. a person who sits in front of the computer for more that 3 hours.

Purpose of the test

  • Basically, Lumbosacral Spine x-ray is used to assess back injuries as well as lower back pain.
  • This x-ray is also used to detect problems in the lower back if there is weakness and consistent numbness.
  • This Lumbosacral Spine x-ray is used to detect other back injuries like bone spurs, deformities in the spine, fractures, dislocations in the spinal cord, Osteoporosis and slip disks.
  • The other purpose of the test is to identify the cause of lower back uneasiness and numbness.
  • In case a person with lower back pain does not take care and if the pain worsens, the pain can spread to the neck and the legs too.

 When to take this test?

  • If a person has lower back pain, then the person has to take this Lumbosacral Spine x-ray.
  • Along with the pain in the lower back, if the pain persists in the leg and hip area, one needs to take this test to scan for Lumbar pain or other lower back problems.
  • If a person experiences lower back pain while driving a car or after sitting in one place for a long time, he/she should go to the doctor immediately. The doctor may recommend a Lumbosacral Spine x-ray.
  • If a person experiences pain in the hips and numbness in the legs, the person needs to take this Lumbosacral Spine x-ray.