How Low Sodium Diet Effects on Health

Low sodium diet is nothing but reducing the intake of sodium in your diet. Usually the sodium level in the normal salt is about 2,300 mg per one teaspoon.  The minimum requirement of sodium is just 500mg per day, for human beings. Most of the people consume six times more than the minimum requirement, in general. As a result, the sodium in the body creates fluid retention. This may lead to several complications like hyper tension which may also lead to strokes and heart diseases.

What is low sodium diet?

The people, who are suffering hypertension or any other heart disease, are often suggested to take low sodium diet. This means the sodium intake must remain between 1500 mg to 2400 mg per day. The choice of the items must be noticing the sodium levels of the item.

Natural sodium among eatables

Most of the foods contain sodium by natural.  Milk, celery and drinking water etc contain certain level of sodium. The sodium can present in other forms like sodium benzoate, monosodium glutamate or sodium bicarbonate. The processed water available in the market possesses sodium, usually.

Low sodium content food

Most of the food items that are fresh and unprocessed are found with low sodium. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and unprocessed grains are considered as low in sodium level. The availability of the products with low sodium is getting increased day by day. Low sodium salt, soup bases with low sodium etc are the examples.

The people who wish to have low sodium diet can choose milk, soymilk, yogurt, unsalted cheese, rice, butter unsalted, black pepper, mustard, chilli, garlic, cinnamon, vinegar, parsley, peas, barley etc.

General rules for having low sodium diet

  • Try to take raw vegetables as the cooked food needs salt to get taste
  • Choose the food items that are low in sodium
  • While buying food items check the labels and prefer the sodium level. If the sodium is around 140 mg, it can be considered as low sodium food
  • Prepare the food with as much less salt as possible
  • Prefer to take home-made low sodium food.
  • Avoid instant foods available in the market
  • Try new variety of food recipes with low sodium
  • Include salads of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Take the food that is high in potassium as potassium regularize sodium

What are effects of low sodium diet on health?

Though it is not proven that the low sodium diet would take off the problem of hypertension, it is considered as preventive measure to get rid or delay the symptoms of hyper tension and also considered as the main ingredient to balance the blood pressure. The low sodium diet is proven showing positive results in maintaining the blood pressure.

Most of the times controversial voices raise saying low sodium intake increase the risk of many other complications. The minimum intake of sodium is highly recommended by them. What few of them say is to increase potassium levels than decreasing sodium.

Yet, these arguments have no scientific base.  But, healthy low sodium diet and physical exercise shows results in many of the cases.