Low Residue Diet What Is It And What Foods To Eat And Avoid

Low Residue Diet is designed in such a manner that it increases the intestinal transit time of food. It reduces the frequency of stool. In actual sense it includes only those kinds of foods which lower the bowel activity in the body. If someone has been advised to have low residue diet he or she must avoid foods with seeds, high fiber or skin carrying items. They take more time to get digested and can cause problems in the body.

Doctors and consultants prescribe the patients for such diet in many cases like in surgeries; bowel obstruction; serious Diarrhea; diverticulum inflammation and others. In these situations extremely hot foods are prescribed because it can increase the motility of the whole intestine. For example if one is facing the problem of Diarrhea for more than two days he can cover it up with the help of low residue diets like peach nectar, apricot and many others. Research says that residue is the undigested food and fiber that generates stool. One should take moderate diet two or three times so that stomach will not face strain and inflammation. It helps in lowering the bowel movements each day. The general symptoms could be diarrhea, gas, stomach cramping etc.

What Foods to Eat and Avoid

There are certain food items which can become the ingredients of low residue diet and others which must be avoided. Here is a list of such items.

Grains to Eat - Refined White Breads, Seedless Melba Toast, Cooked items as grits, wheat cream, Cold Cereals as Corn Flakes, Refined Pasta, Noodles

Grains to Avoid - Whole grain cereals and breads, Muffins, Nuts, and Flour Breads, Dry Fruits

Fruits to Eat - Seasoned banana, Honeydew, Avocado, Canned Fruits as Apricot Mandarin Oranges, Apple, Mango, Papaya if their skin is removed

Fruits to Avoid - Blueberries, Cherries, Fruit Cocktails, Fruits with seeds as Apple, Pineapple, Strawberries

Vegetables to Eat - Cooked Fresh Vegetables as Green Beans, Carrots, Soft Mushrooms, Pumpkin, Cooked Potatoes without Skin, Without Seed Tomato

Vegetables to Avoid - Brussels Sprouts, Cucumber, hard Mushrooms, Onion, Radish, Spinach, Tossed Salad, Bamboo Shoots

Milk Products to Eat - Cottage Cheese, Hard Cheese, Puddings, Yogurt, Ice Creams, Sherbet

Milk Products to Avoid - Seed Cheese, Yogurt with fruits and seeds, Blueberry, Raspberry

Sweets to Eat - Corn Syrup, Honey, Plain Cookies, Nut less Chocolates, Seedless Jelly, Seedless Jam, Maple Syrup

Sweets to Avoid - Raisins, Chopped Nuts, Cookies, Marmalade

Meat and Fish to Eat - Baked Meat, Roasted Meat, Shell Fish, Eggs, Hot Dogs without skin

Meat and Fish to Avoid - Hard Meat, Meat with skins

Though this list is not final and there are other items which can be used in low residue diet menu like mineral water, Carbonated Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Ketchups, Soft Herbs, and Light Spices. By using these items one can make an extremely balanced diet chart for a full week. It will not only give varieties in the food but also keep him fit and fine. Many physicians suggest their patients for having low residue diet in severe cases.