List of Diseases

A disease is a morbid condition that affects the system of the body and makes consistent changes within the body. Disease may be caused by many factors such as bacterial and viral infections which reduces body's resistance power and causes pain, sickness and disorders. It is associated with signs and symptoms. Diseases may vary from person to person and it is classified into four types. This includes:

  • Pathogenic disease
  • Deficiency disease
  • Hereditary disease and
  • Physiological disease

In addition, diseases are also classified into communicable and non communicable. Usually, disease affects a specific location which causes sickness or illness to your body with group of signs and symptoms. Disease can also affect people emotionally and mentally that includes phobia, depression, stress and anxiety disorders.

Most of the diseases can be prevented through a wide variety of means which include proper nutrition, proper exercise and vaccinations. There are few diseases that can be transmitted from person to person by direct or indirect contact and they are considered as infectious diseases.

Malaria, measles, respiratory illnesses and flu comes under infectious diseases. You can avoid such kind of infectious diseases by washing your hands frequently and maintaining your surroundings clutter free.

Treatment slow downs the growth of the disease and it varies from patient to patient depending on disorders. Patient with mild disorders can respond to treatment more favorably than those with severe disorders.

Doctor continues the treatment based on your disease and how well you are performing with vitamins and supplements. People who crosses the age 40, have to undergo clinical screening for every six months to live a healthy life. The best way to avoid most of the diseases is to have a systematic life.

Here, you can find a list of most common diseases in an alphabetical order.

A-Z List of Diseases

Achondroplasia Gangrene Progeria
Acne Gastroenteritis Psittacosis
Albinism GERD Psoriasis
Alcoholic hepatitis Goitre Pulmonary Embolism
Allergy Heart disease Pilia
Alopecia Hepatitis ( A, BCDE) Rabies
Alzheimer's disease Human Papillomavirus Rickets
Anemia Huntington's disease Rubella
Anorexia Hypermetropia Scabies
Anosmia Hyperthyroidism Sciatica
Anotia Hypothermia Scleroderma
Anthrax Hypothyroid Scrapie
Appendicitis Hypotonia Scurvy
Apraxia Impetigo Sepsis
Argyria Infertility Septicemia
Arthritis Influenza SARS
Aseptic meningitis Interstitial cystitis Shigellosis
Asthenia Iron-deficiency anemia Shin Splints
Asthma Irritable bowel syndrome Sickle-cell anemia
Atherosclerosis Ignious Syndrome Siderosis
Athetosis Jaundice SIDS
Atrophy Keloids Silicosis
Bacterial meningitis Kuru Smallpox
Beriberi Kwashiorkor Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Black Death Laryngitis Stomach flu
Botulism Lead poisoning Strep throat
Brucellosis Leishmaniasis Synovitis
Bunion Leprosy Syphilitic
Bella killer Leptospirosis Swine influenza
Calculi Lice Schizophrenia
Campylobacter infection Loiasis Taeniasis
Cancer Lupus erythematosus Tay-Sachs disease
Candidiasis Melioidosis Tennis Elbow
Carbon monoxide poisoning Menieres Disease Teratoma
Celiacs disease Migraine Tetanus
Cerebral palsy Mononucleosis Thalassaemia
Chagas Disease Multiple sclerosis Thrush
Chancroid Mumps Tinnitus
Cherubism Muscular dystrophy Tonsillitis
Chickenpox Myasthenia gravis Toothache
Chordoma Myelitis Toxic Shock Syndrome
Chorea Myoclonus Trichinosis
Chronic fatigue syndrome Myopia Trichomoniasis
Circadian rhythm sleep disorder Myxedema Trisomy
Coccidioidomycosis Non-gonococcal urethritis Tuberculosis
Colitis Necrotizing Fasciitis Tularemia
Condyloma Night blindness Tungiasis
Cretinism Obesity Typhus
Crohn's Disease Osteoporosis Ulcers
Diabetes mellitus Otitis Uremia
Diphtheritic Palindromic rheumatism Urticaria
Dehydration Parkinson's Disease Varicella
Eye Diseases Pelvic inflammatory  Varicose veins
Ear infection Peritonitis Vitiligo
Ebola Periodontal  Von Hippel-Lindau disease
Encephalitis Pertussis Warkany Syndrome
Emphysema Phenylketonuria Warts
Epilepsy Plague Watkins
Erectile Dysfunction Poliomyelitis Hepatitis B
Fever Porphyria Hepatitis D
Foodborne illness Hepatitis E Hepatitis C