Infanth Health

Looking after an infant and see them grow is fun, exciting and at the same time tiring. The new parents always have always 100 questions about infant's health care. They will have questions like, when will my baby sit? What should I feed them? Why is the baby crying? and lots and lots more. When it is your first baby most of us don’t know how to bathe them, when to change the diapers and many even doesn’t know to hold the baby properly. Don’t be shy to ask for assistance from someone who knows more. Things will change with time and then you will know everything from the sound of them.

Infants are very fragile and can easily be affected by diseases. They can be susceptible to a wide range of infection, the most common one being ear infection. Proper health care and hygienic condition can reduce the chance of infection. Fever in new born are very rare and an increase in temperature may be due to some serious infection. In infants fed with breast milk only, constipation is very rare. But bottle fed infants have a chance of constipation. Apart from fever, ear ache and constipation, infants may have a number of health problems including serious in born errors. Immunization at time helps to reduce a lot of disease conditions. Many diseases like polio are completely eradicated through vaccination. Routine consultation is also necessary at this stage, discuss your doubts and concern with the pediatrician.

Infancy is the stage where every other month the child gat one or the other disease. Every time more and more money is spent on their treatment. Nowadays infant health insurance policies have been introduced so as to see to the health care of infants. It serves the purpose of setting the cost of medical care and helps to cover the medical bills in the first year of the baby's life. This health insurance makes sure that excellent attention and care is given to the infants during any medical conditions.

Most of the parents are concerned with what to feed the infants. Is breast milk enough to meet all their requirements? Yes it is the best and only required food in infants. Infants up to the age of 6 months need not be given anything else, not even water. Breast milk provides all the essential nutrients, helps in body and brain development and provides immunity against a lot of diseases. Babies having breast milk are found to have less number of diseases during infancy and even in the future. Breast milk is a poor source of iron, but the iron stored in the liver during development inside the womb can be enough at this stage. So no extra food or drink before six months. It is also found that baby breast fed for a longer period has higher mental development. If due to some medical or personal reasons you are not able to breast feed, try the next alternative, infant milk powder. These can never reproduce the goodness of breast milk but is specially formulated so that they could be easily digested and absorbed.

After six months of age the child will require some additional food along with breast milk. Semi solid food in very low amount should be tried first and soft chewable food can be given after eight months of age. Always keep them in hygienic environment to reduce the chance of getting an infection. By the age of 1, they should be given almost all kinds of food including vegetable, pulses, cereals and egg, because they are growing very fast and proper growth and development requires a balance diet.

When the infants become toddler new concerns arrives and they become more restless and show low appetite. Most toddlers refuse to eat and are picky eaters. The parents should spent more time and energy on the toddlers to make them and have a healthy diet. As toddlers are restless and very active, there is a chance of falling down and getting hurt, toddlers also try to eat anything and might get chocked. So the safety of toddler should always be taken care of. Training them to eat and dress themselves should begin as a toddler and don’t forget potty training, you don’t want your child to be going to school in diaper right.

The first few years of life in a child determines the person he becomes. Looking after your child may be tiring and might require a lot of patience, but it is the most wonderful thing to see your baby grow. Spent more time with them and love them a lot, because they are one of the best things in your life.