Herbal Weight Loss

Extra weight is in itself a triggering factor associated with many health complications in human body. Extra weights triggers complications like heart disease, heart attacks, pulmonary diseases, high blood pressure, bone diseases and more in the body. Staying fit and maintaining balanced weight of the body is the key behind healthy and long life.

There are many treatments and medicines available that assure weight loss. But they lend up in creating many side effects in the body that triggers other health risks. So, to loose weight in healthy way one should switch to herbal weight loss solutions, which are natural and free from any side-effects.

There are some thermogenic herbs that speed up the metabolism function of the body and send a tricky signal of full stomach to the brain. By sending the signal of full stomach, these herbs help in controlling the diet of the person and hence help in loosing the weight.

Thermogenic herbs contain substances like caffeine, which act as stimulant in the body functionalities. They make obese person more active and lively.

Some herbs act as water reducers and reduce the extra fluid from the body. But once the intake is halted, the body starts regaining weight.

Thermogenic herbs are both beneficial and harmful for the body, so their consumption should be made under good consultation.

Herbs that are safe to be consumed are:

Cayenne: Cayenne contains capsaicin that triggers or stimulates the digestion process and speeds up the metabolism process of the body. The herb can be consumed by mixing it with the meal you are eating.

Green Tea: It is a natural tea, which contains vitamin C and antioxidants in it, made for reducing the extra weight of your body. It is a healthy alternative for tea and coffee lovers, as it behaves much like coffee. The tea helps in speedy stimulation of metabolism activities in the body and strengthens the stimulation process. It is available in tea bags, capsules and loose form, but results best if taken in the form of liquid.

Seaweed: Seaweed is natural thyroid stimulant, which contains trace minerals in it. It is available in the form of capsules and tablets. But its intake is strictly applicable after the consultation of your doctor.

In addition, some natural components can also help in reducing weight without any side effects.

High Fiber components: Diet containing high-fiber fruits and vegetables is the best solution to loose weight. The diet speeds up the metabolism process and help in excreting waste material from the body. It doesn’t turn in accumulating fats in the body, hence helps in maintaining balanced weight of the body. Some fiber components that are available are fat blocker, fiber wafers, Psyllium Pure, Psyllium Capsules.

Citrimax: Citrimax is extracted from a patented product named, garcinia cambogia.  It acts as an appetite suppressant and reduces fats from the body. It is available in the form of Super Citrimax and Healthy Weight formula.

Herbs that are harmful for the body are:

Food and Drug Commission (FDA) has listed some herbs that can cause serious side effects to the body, if taken to loose extra-weight. These herbs should be taken in limited amount or completely avoided and should not be prescribed in any condition.

Herbal Laxatives: They are available in the form of diet tea, cascara, senna, buckthom, aloe and rhubarb root in the market. If taken in high amount, it can result in diarrhea, cramping, and frequent bowel movements.

Ephedra: The herb is also famous as ma huang and if taken in high amount can cause many ill-effects in the body like high blood pressure, high heart rate, and over stimulation of the central nervous system. Further, it can be a risky factor for heart palpitations, seizures, stroke, chest pain, and heart attack that can cause death of the person.

Herbal fen-phen: Fen-phen is a harmful herbal diet that includes Ephedra as its main component.  The over intake of this herb can cause cardiac abnormalities like heart beat irregularities, heart attack, and heart stoke that can result in the death of the person taking it.