Herbal Beauty

Now a day’s people spend most of the time in improving their beauty. They use all kinds ofbeauty products without knowing the fact that these products will have side effects on them later. In the ancient period, women used grounded leaves and seeds of herbs on their hair and in all parts of their body. They also obtained oil from herbs and used it for massaging and for various other treatments. Thus they stayed healthy and beautiful. Several other researches also prove that herbal beauty is the one which last for ever without causing any side effects.

Herbs for beauty

There are many herbs which are used for beauty. Let’s see some of the famous herbs which play a major role in our day to day life.

Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the famous and traditional herbs. It is used mostly by women to make their skin bright and glowing. Even today in most of the villages in India, women usually apply turmeric all over their skin after taking bath so that they have many medicinal values, in spite of its nature in providing glowingness to the skin.

Neem: Neem oil is a very famous herbal product which is used as a skin cleanser, odour remover, prevents ache and also used for dandruff problems. Neem oil is usually used by old age people in relieving their pains in the bone and joints. Neem oil is a very good hair cleanser and provides good nourishment to the hair.

Chandan: This herbal product is available in the market as powder, cream and also as pills. These are applied externally and also taken internally in the form of pills. They have a very special effect on making the skin fairer. Most of the beauty creams available in the market will have this chandan as one of their ingredients.

Henna: Henna is a very popular herb used for increasing the beauty in the form of “mehandi”. It is also used for hair nourishment and also for various skin problems. Henna is mixed with egg and milk and it is applied all over the hair to make it soft and beautiful.

Cucumber: Cucumber is used in the form of mask to get free from the oily nature of the skin. This kind of mask is also used to get rid of pores and pimples. Researches say that this mask rapidly cures pimples in the face.

Aloe vera: The juice of aloe Vera is used as an antiseptic for burns and wounds. The regular use of aloe Vera juice makes the skin softer with youthful tone and appearance.

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Rosemary: Using rosemary improves circulation to the nerves. It is used to improve the wrinkled and tired skin. It can be used to clean blemishes, acne and dry dull skin. The regular use of rosemary on scalp leaves makes hair shiny and beautiful.

Basil: It is a rare herb originated in India. It is used as a ingredient in cosmetics. It is used to reduce the black spots on the face. It is also used in reducing enlarged pores when applied with rose water.

Advantages of using herbs

  • When we consider the importance of herbs in modern life, it’s simply marvelous. These Herbal medicines tend to be more effective for long-standing health complaints that don’t respond well to modern medicine. Herbs typically have no or only fewer side effects, and considered safer when used over time.
  • An example is Vioxx, a well-known prescribed drug used to treat arthritis, was recalled due to increased risk of cardiovascular complications. Alternative treatments for arthritis, on the other hand, had few side effects. Adjusting the diet to remove vegetables from the nightshade family, reducing white sugar consumption, and adding simple herbs to the diet had few side effects. Most herbal medicines are well tolerated by the patient, with fewer unintended consequences than pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Another advantage of herbal medicine is the cost. Herbs cost much less than prescription medications. Research, testing, and marketing add considerably to the cost of prescription medicines. Herbs tend to be inexpensive compared to drugs.
  • Another advantage is that herbs are not chemicals, but instead they are like food. Since there are no standard doses for food intake, there are no standard doses for herbs either. Since herbs are not so potent to affect the safety of the user, standardization of the dose was felt not necessary.
  • Yet another advantage of herbal medicines is their availability. Herbs are available without a prescription, and some simple herbs, such as peppermint and chamomile, can be grown at home. In some remote parts of the world, herbs are the only treatment available for most of the people. Many find the easy availability of herbs appealing.


There is a famous proverb saying that every coin has two sides, herbs also have some disadvantages. Herbs may me used in trauma for broken bone and for other various emergencies but it could not be used equivalently to modern cases of heart attacks and other severe complications. The risk factor of using herbs is the dosage used for treatment since over dosage of the drug is the worst part of bringing various side effects to the body.


In this ultra modern world we don't have time in finding these herbal products or we don't show any interest in preparing these herbal medicines. We just wanted to get commercial medicines or cosmetics which are available readily in the market for use. Also we wanted the result in a shorter span of time without knowing the fact that these are not for a long term use. Use of herbs for health and beauty is for a longer time period. Our world is fully polluted with various pollutants widely dispersed in air, land and water, thus it is our responsibility to protect our body from all causes. My opinion is if we stayed healthy our life looks beautiful. We can use modern medicine but not for all the cases. We should practice using herbs in our daily activity, like applying turmeric after bath, using neem oil in the hair once in a week and so on. Practice of herbs in our daily life will make our life healthier and beautiful.