Hemothorax Symptoms


  • Hemothorax is a disease in which blood collects between the lungs and the chest wall (the pleural cavity).
  • It is one of the common causes of chest pain.
  • It can also cause collapsed lungs when this disease gets combined with pneumothorax.
  • In mild Hemothorax, case treatment is not needed.
  • But if it is a case of severe Hemothorax, treatment is a need.
  • And that too on the right time, otherwise other complications can take place. Sometimes doctors have to do surgery also, but it is not often.


  • The most common cause of chest trauma is Hemothorax.
  • It can easily occur in the patients, who have a problem of blood clotting, lung cancer, had heart surgery or tuberculosis.
  • Blunt and penetrating trauma is caused by Hemothorax.
  • Blunt trauma can also be caused by car accidents or sports injuries.
  • Heart surgery and chest surgery often results in Hemothorax.
  • Penetrating trauma is caused when wounds are caused by some sharp objects like knife wounds or gun shot wounds.
  • Other causes are pleural cancer, lung cancer, and tuberculosis.
  • Some bleeding disorders can also cause Hemothorax.


  • The symptoms of Hemothorax depend on the cause of Hemothorax and the volume of blood in the cavity of the chest.
  • Very light trauma will not produce any symptom of Hemothorax.
  • Deep chest pain and shock can be symptoms of severe Hemothorax.
  • Some other symptoms are tachycardia, fast breathing or shortness of breathes, restlessness, anxiety etc.
  • Rapid heart rate is also one of the symptoms of Hemothorax.
  • If a person has any such symptoms, he should immediately talk to his doctors about it.
  • The doctors will take necessary physical tests and some other tests like x-rays, CT scan, thoracentesis, pleural fluid analysis etc.


  • You should call your doctor immediately if you suffered any accident or injury in your chest.
  • If treatment is not given on time, this problem can lead to many other serious problems like death, shock, collapsed lungs which in turn can lead to respiratory failure and pneumothorax.
  • Few safety measures can be taken such as avoiding any type of injuries.


  • Mild Hemothorax does not need any treatment but severe Hemothorax needs proper treatment.
  • When it is severe, the chest tube alone is unable to control the bleeding.
  • In this condition, surgery is recommended.
  • Sometimes the cause of Hemothorax is also treated.
  • The treatment will depend upon the cause.
  • Surgery is often not needed. The main aim of Hemothorax treatment is to take out existing blood in the pleural cavity.
  • In this treatment, a chest tube is inserted to suck out the existing blood.
  • If it is a case of collapsed lungs, this chest tube may remain for many days.
  • It removes the air and blood.
  • It gives much time to the lungs to expand again.