Health and Safety

Health and Safety is usually taken to mean the health and safety of the workforce in private and government employ in various industries across the country. Statistics show that nearly 50 workers are injured every minute of the 40-hour week. These injuries cost nearly $127.7 billion in 1997, according to the National Safety Council figures and the cost has increased whenever measures to monitor the health and safety of workers are not in place.

A health and safety program takes adequate measures to reduce or eliminate workplace accidents and hazards and identify and minimize associated risks to health by virtue of the job. To implement a health and safety program it is necessary to comply with the federal rules and regulations laid down by the government, to provide adequate resources financial and technological to sustain the program, to provide training, information and supervision of the health and safety program. .

It also allows employees to identify and minimize workplace hazards. Ideally a health and safety program would also include the surroundings of the workplace, local communities and the environment which may be affected by the nature of the work carried out in the industry

The most effective health and safety initiative requires the entire hierarchy of the organization to be involved in the program by which a safety first atmosphere is established in the workplace. The health and safety program must become a way of life for everyone in the organization. The participation of the workers in the implementation of a health and safety program is mostly responsible for the success of the program and leads to consistent and better improvements in the health and safety measures taken.

Health and safety programs are beneficial in the long run and affect the entire organization from the workers to the management. The importance of a health and safety program can be measured by the high employee morale, high productivity due to less absenteeism, less accidents and lower accident related expenses. Statistics show that for every dollar spent on the program a gain of $5 to $6 is obtained.

Fieldcrest Canon in Columbus Georgia, implemented a health and safety program with the workers involvement, which led to a dramatic decrease in worker's injuries by 80%. This program, conceived with the employees' active participation, limited the need for workers to bend and reach

Health and Safety Regulations

Legislation made by the government to protect the rights of the workers and to ensure continued implementation of the health and safety program is fulfilled through regulations and acts.

In America the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 resulted in the formation of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which are responsible for developing and implementing Health and Safety regulations in the workplace.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and the Workers Compensation Regulation are some of the regulations governing the Health and Safety of workers.

The objectives of the OSHA Act 2000 are to secure and provide health and safety of the workers, to protect against workplace risks from machinery, equipment and environment, to identify and eliminate risks, to enhance cooperation amongst employers and workers and also to develop community consciousness of health and safety issues.

Scott Health and Safety

Many public and private enterprises work to improve health and safety of employees of which Scott health and safety is a major player. Scott health and safety is into manufacturing safety equipment for workers operating in high-risk zones. A unit of Tyco International Ltd's fire and security segment, Scott health and safety is an amalgamation of four global and separate companies servicing the Personal Protection equipment market.

They manufacture protective and safety equipment for fire and rescue services, industrial workers, police, military and civil defense establishments around the world. Their products protect workers from hazards like smoke and toxic fumes, combustible gases, containment's etc.

The Scott products include compressed air breathing apparatus, respiratory protection systems, gas detection and thermal imaging instruments, head, eye, ear and face protective gear and safety signs and markers. These products deliver on four important issues such as optimum protection, simplicity of use, user comfort, and low maintenance cost.

American Health and Safety

American Health and Safety Institute is an association of health and safety educators that provide training and certification in CPR, first aid to employees and professionals to implement in an organization whenever an accident or injury occurs. It strives for the professional development of health and safety instructors. American health and safety institute complies with federal regulations to provide quality and beneficial health and safety program and training.

Occupational Health and safety Jobs

The field of health and safety offers many career choices as health and safety managers, health and safety specialists, environmental health and safety officers, nurses, trainers, educators and risk identifiers.

Child Health and Safety

One undesirable result of the 21st century is the breakdown of the social order and structure. Broken homes, single parents, inadequate supervision take their toll increasingly on children. Hence the health and safety of children should be given prime importance and it is not only the responsibility of the primary caregiver but also the community.

Children of all ages from infancy till their teens need complete supervision at all time. The times that you are away, double check the baby-sitter's antecedents and employ one only if you are satisfied with the person. Provide a list of all important telephone numbers to her and check whenever you can.

The house itself should be child proof with high railings, barred windows, hidden electrical sockets, and high wall cabinets for medicines, knives and tools.

Once a child begins school teach him/her to say their full name to an adult or policeman. Telephone numbers should be memorized and so should the address. Children above five years must be taught to be wary of strangers.

Do not allow children to play unattended or with sharp instruments, teach them to avoid hot iron, gas stoves, matches, washing machines, lawnmowers, rakes etc.

Health of children is a fragile affair, so always refer to a single pediatrician, who gets acquainted with the child's health, get all vaccinations done, and be careful of signs that indicate that the child is not acting normal. Fevers should always be bought to the notice of a doctor. Colds, coughs and rashes make a child miserable so treat them soon.

Health and safety of children is often instinctive, so inspite of all the precautions you take, you will have to be on your toes, alert always.

Personal Health and Safety

The health of an individual is wealth, something you realize when you fall ill. Health can never be taken for granted it also has to be maintained to last a lifetime. Health care should start early, say in your twenties. Regular exercise combined with sensible food goes a long way towards good health. Regular overall medical check-ups and dental and vision check-ups should be made a part of life. Insist on safety measures when on your job and protective gear is necessary if you work outside.

Report any untoward incidents, double lock your home and install burglar alarms. Avoid travelling alone at night. Most common sense measures are sufficient to care for your personal health and safety, but you have to be consistent with the care you take.