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Musings on Health:

' Health is Wealth', a more truer adage was never spoken. A sentiment fully understood by those who unfortunately are plagued by ill health. The technological advances of this age have enabled mankind to live longer, hence more and more people are living into their eighties and even nineties. To live a long life is good, to live a healthy long life is still better. The pursuit of health should be an integral part of our lives.

As important as the pursuit of a livelihood. Knowledge and awareness are necessary to maintain good health. Continuing research has provided a cure for ailments, hitherto incurable maladies have been understood and tamed. Access to this knowledge increases our perspective understanding of ailments, their symptoms and their causes and the preventive measures you can adopt. As another true adage says 'Prevention is better than Cure'.

The Internet is a boon in many ways and one very important benefit is the access and range of the health information it provides. Health related sites are accessible to all who are interested and provide a wealth of information on diseases, their causes and cures and on healthy living, nutrition and whatever you choose to check out. From your child's enuresis to your father-in-law's rheumatoid arthritis every type of information is available to read and follow.

Information on breaking research about many incurable but common diseases, at least give people the hope of life, a cure. Once research that was relegated to obscure scientific journals, inaccessible to the common man is now available on the net. Read, understand ad apply to yourself to increase health and the joy of living.

Health Websites:

Let us surf through few health sites and increase our knowledge.

Yahoo Health News:

The topmost search engine provides a exclusive and comprehensive health site with topics covering from A to Z of health issues. From common diseases to the uncommon they offer information on all diseases.

Yahoo also has a clinical trial program update. If you wish to participate in a clinical trial of a condition you suffer from or otherwise you can enroll and all information is provided. Health stories are sourced from all over and for the concerned provide considerable information.

Latest Health News:

Most health portals provide breaking research on health topics, discovery of new drugs and other related information on their sites. It is helpful to people, in the sense that they can monitor the progress done on specific diseases and conditions.

For instance the continuing study on Alzheimer's disease and on drugs which may delay or arrest the condition in its early stages, has resulted in a campaign by people somehow concerned with Alzheimer's for the use of these drugs.

Current health issues:

Health portals also provide information on the most relevant health issues of today like obesity, which is alarmingly on the rise. On most sites you can learn of the reasons behind the condition, the health risk it creates, the methods to manage it and tips to prevent the condition.

Latest research on obesity is also featured. Other favorites are diabetes, cardiac troubles, AIDS and old diehards like malaria and tuberculosis.

Articles about health include child health care, senior care, and managing lifestyle problems like anxiety, depression and even migraines. Health inequalities are highlighted and solutions are posted.


Many other health portals go beyond imparting information to providing emotional support to people facing severe health problems. They offer a forum for discussion and advice, they tell you the details of a problem that the doctor/nurse has no time to tell.

They offer psychological support by allowing you to bond with people in the same circumstance as you. You can then share notes about therapy, doctors or simply commiserate. It is a great succour to simply share and talk. You can access their expert panel for a second opinion.

Celebrity health:

Health sites also help you keep track of your favorite celebrity's health and trips to rehabs. For instance when legendary Mexican superstar Antonio Aguilera's health took a turn for the worse, it created an outpouring of grief on the Net. Details of his condition were regularly posted and several hundreds of people offered prayers and get well wishes.

Health news:

With so much information on the Net there can be no excuse for ignorance on health matters, finally our health is in our hands. Keep informed and healthy.